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United Alternative gets new name

WebPosted Sat Jan 29 19:34:49 2000

OTTAWA - After a three-day convention in Ottawa, members of the United Alternative movement have chosen a new name: the "Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance."

The right-wing coalition, which is not technically a political party yet, will be known as the "Canadian Alliance" for short. It will be registered only if two-thirds of Reform Party members endorse the plan during a referendum in March.

Some delegates were critical of the new name, which spells out C.C.R.A.P. when the word "party" is added. Organizers said the alliance might consider flipping the letters "r" and the second "c" at some point.

Two votes were needed before Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance was chosen. A computer glitch caused the earlier electronic ballot to show more votes cast than voters registered.

Organizers had to go to an "old fashioned" head count of delegates seated around tables in the hall.

The new name received 529 votes, edging out "Canadian United Reform Alliance" which got 401 votes.

The three other choices were: Reform Party of Canada (Reform), Canadian United Reform Alliance (United Reform), and Canadian Reform Party of Canada Alliance (Canadian RPC Alliance).

Over the past three days, delegates at the United Alternative convention have voted on many motions, hammering together a framework for the new party.


Source: CBC News of Ontario, Canada

-- Lee Maloney (, March 04, 2000

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