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In the almost 8 years that Kentlands Ridge Condos have been home, I have never seen as much Dog DO as in recent months. Dogs will do dog DO. When a dog DO doing dog has done dog DO, it does not care where it did the Do that the dog DO doing dog has done. If you have one of those untrained dogs that, when it has done dog Do, fails to clean up after itself the done dog Do, that that dog DO doing dog did, it is up to the people person with that dog DO doing dog, who did the done dog Do, to clean up the done dog Do that the dog Do doing dog did! It is as simple as that! Dog DO doing dog people persons not only have ignored the dog DO that their dog DOing dogs have done, they are being blamed in comments (rightly or wrongly) with removing the "Scoop Your Dog's Poop" signs behind the condos, that used to, at least, prick the people conscience, as their dog DO doing dogs did their dog DOing. Come on, it is not that hard to be courteous to your neighbors.

-- Ronald B. Lee (, March 04, 2000




I DO think your message was both helpful and hilarious. Great mix of humor with a practical purpose. I spose that it's imnportant to note that you live in a Kentlands Ridge Condo, not a Kentlands Ridge ConDO...

-- Tom Golden (, March 05, 2000.

With spring seemingly upon us, it is important to remind all who own or are caring for a canine pet that UNDOING what your dog does (i.e. scooping the pooping) is not only courteous but the Law. It is a $100.00 fine per offense and is enforced by the City. If a resident observes an offense and knows either who or where the canine owner lives, the City office of Animal Control can send an officer over with a fine.

-- Terry Brennan (, March 06, 2000.

We used to have Dog DO in the alley behind our house on a regular basis. Because of the complaints about dark alleys, and the fact that it is our responsibility (each of us) to provide light in the alley, we bought a screw-on electric eye at Lowes for $5.00 for our garage light. We now have more light in the alley at night, and an extra benefit. I haven't seen Dog DO in weeks behind my house

-- Pat Reed (, March 17, 2000.

What is the possibility of seeing a couple more trash receptacles on the upper walk around the lake? There are currently only 2 that I know of, and a couple more would be a big help!

-- Michael Heller (, March 20, 2000.

DO out this Spring '03...

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-- John Caruso (, January 22, 2003.

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