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GOOD MORNING! By golly it's good to see this place up. I felt that Cinloo's question was important enough to repost and new answer.

The Forum was taking on dynamite issues that have current impact. It also was (and still is) one of the most dynamic information sources on the net. When Ed set up the new board he mentioned the "private" forum in context of information being posted for the entire net to read. I don't believe that anyone who posts is unimportant. Your opinion reflects you and the matrix in which you function-family,community, friends. The greatest danger to totalitarian trends is dissemination of information and the freedom to speak, but people have to be encouraged to express opinions and NOT BE AFRAID OF RETALIATION. One opinion begets others and suddenly there's a flood. If someone wants one of us badly enough, it's easy enough to track us and with the IP generate personal identity information. But this way the action is free-flowing, we give anyone a chance and retain that good feeling of a truly democratic process.

Cin, you are very important, so all all the members on all the Boards. Maybe Ed needs to change the collective name to Diaspora 2000.

-- mike in houston (, March 04, 2000


Thank you Mike =o)

This is sort of what I assumed. If someone has the resources and the desire to find you (government, whatever), then they would have no problem. Even without personal information.

-- cin (, March 04, 2000.

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