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Until recently we always built our banks to resemble sacrificial temples, since bankers-our modern sacrificial priests-are the people who must handle the "poison money" in ways that will destroy goods when prosperity becomes too threatening and our guilt becomes too great.

The reason we have business cycles is because we continue to have a narrow tolerance for pleasure. When prosperity becomes too much , we begin to feel extremely sinful, polluted, and money seems more than ever to be "all tails," full of our guilt.

Instead of investing it in productive enterprises, we begin to engage in speculations, we throw it into inflated stock markets, we send the poison money to Third World elites who can be counted on to waste it, we change our tax codes to favor the rich in order to divert more of our money to them, since only they can "digest" its pollution.(23)

We multiply our money supply as we feel more polluted, since we need more and more poison containers to hold our growing guilt.

The complete article is here:

-- INever (, March 04, 2000


Did anyone ever read this link? Fascinating stuff. I actually buy some of it, as people act funny when money starts coming their way. Give it a read.

-- SydBarrett (dark@side.moon), November 28, 2000.

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