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God, the air feels good here, and there's a long horizon.

THANKS to Old Y2K Forum Regular for setting this up, and I just want to say to Ed Yourdon and all his other pea-brained fear-bromided yellow-bellied cohorts:

You've lost out on all the great discussion!! Karma, man. It comes to bite you where it hurts.

FLINT -- Congratulations! You won out! Freedom has won out! Good to see you my man!

-- Radiograph (radiograph@handful.com), March 04, 2000


Yup. Who'd a thought that a simple act like banning Flint would cause such a tidal wave? There's a good reason why most people don't like totalitarians.

-- Jim Cooke (Jim Cooke@yahoo.com), March 04, 2000.

From Jonathan's Post-

"The Church doors have been closed, and there are now guards on the doors".

One by one people will realize the need for fresh air and free speech. One by one they will be welcome here.

-- Debra (Opendoors@Freshair.com), March 04, 2000.

Right on! To quote another poster:

"And a HEARTY HELL YEAH !(with This Land Is Your Land This Land Is My Land in backround) to all the fine folks who stood up to try and right a wrong when they saw it,that in itself may be the very best indication of the company we might expect to come a visitin'. and it is probably the finest thing I have ever witnessed at any forum."

I don't think it's been said better than that.

-- Francois (francois@francois.com), March 04, 2000.

Debra, Flint, Sysman, Kritter, Sysop, Everyone:

I find my thoughts, once again, are beyond my ability to express adequately. So, unfortunately, I am going to sound all sappy here.

Who could ever believe this reponse? Who could have see THIS as the result of what was happening on a different forum only a day ago? Who could imagine the cork bursting from the bottle quite so spectacularly, ideas suddenly bursting forth like water too long pent up by the hand of mankind?

How could I ever have imagined that *anything* I wrote could be even a small part of that?

You've all made me believe in heroes again.

Every one of you.

My thanks, and deepest appreciation.


-Now, let's see what this thing can DO. :)-

-- Jonathan Latimer (latimer@q-a.net), March 04, 2000.

I think Ed and others deserve respect for the good they have done. I am also glad to see Flint allowed to have his say. Freedom of speech can be a kind mother, too.

-- Normally (Oxsys@aol.com), March 04, 2000.

Thankya,Thankya,Thankya very much Francois,have a good weekend :)

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), March 04, 2000.

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