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Or are there any others who came back here seeking relief from the graphic madness? Seriously, who needs multi-colored animated walmart faces to make a point? Don't mean to dis Yourdon's new board, but I think the entertaining doo-dads have captured people, instead of the arguments pro and con.

I prefer a discussion I can concentrate on, one that's unencumbered by superfluous b.s. and those oh-so-annoying adverts. Thanks to the sysops here.

Rant off.

-- Craig (, March 03, 2000


Ouch! My eyes are still smarting from wading through all that graphic garbage over at the new board. I don't think that I'm even going to register, not if they're feeding our machines cookies; I put mine on a strict diet last week and have noticed my pages loading a lot faster since then.

I dunno. I'm a long time lurker on a number of sites. Maybe I need to get a life.

Lady Buckeye -- your mail at yahoo is bouncing (again). Phone me at home if you see this. It's 9:30 pm Friday night. TKS & 73.

-- (, March 03, 2000.


I was just there, my puter is slow and I hate the format no flow at all...I am not much of a poster and not as literary as some,but I do believe in free speech, and I hope this board does well, so many good post in TB that I always like to read, don't do the regular media, but with the new board, it takes to long, might as well look up the stuff myself.


-- quick (, March 03, 2000.

arrrrgh!!!!!Relief, God, please, relief! That board is a masterpiece of psychological warfare. Now I know why my favorite suspect quasi- lurker packed up and went back to Texas. BEFORE THIS BOARD CAME UP,HA- HA!

Genius. Sheer unmitigated genius. Hope the hackers don't see it and get ideas. Can you see that on Nasdaq?

-- another government hack (, March 03, 2000.

I don't know, I enjoyed the doo-dads. No question they had to move to a forum setting where the spamming could be controlled. EZboard isn't that bad compared to some sites. I even liked being able to put a picture with it, so your name had a face. Some of the more intense flashing graphics triggers migraines in me, which makes EZboard and the internet in itself a giant headache sometimes.

-- kritter (, March 03, 2000.

It was fun for about 10 minutes. I'm over it. =P

-- cin (, March 03, 2000.

DITTO and DOUBLE-DITTO! Can't stand all the wallpaper, boxes, colored letters, repeated titles. Etc. AT least here your eyes can relax so you can THINK ....

-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), March 03, 2000.

Don't get any wrong ideas "government hack".

This board was NOT started for psychological warfare. The reason is so simple, it might be difficult for some of you to grasp.

I, along with many others, miss the old TB2K. We liked it just the way it was, minus the nasty spammers.

-- Old TB2K forum regular (, March 03, 2000.

Well, hello, hello!!!

This place looks like HOME. Can I stay awhile?

-- Tommy Rogers (Been there@Just a, March 03, 2000.

On my lurking visit "over there", I saw those "whirly gig things". I had never seen such before. I WANTED ONE, so I was set off on another self remedial information internet search, on how I too, could possess such an art.

-- Remedial (, March 03, 2000.

Sometimes, I like to read TB2K at work. This site format looks more businesslike. The smiley face page is obvious from across the hall. Thanks to the person(s) who set this up.

-- Mary (like@tb2kspinoff.063), March 03, 2000.

Halleujah! Sanity regained! My eyes and brain were on overload at the new site. This is the format and the place to focus on the issues and not the mechanics. Thanks to those that be and to Phil for allowing us to continue. Mark my words, the regulars will be back. My eyes are starting to soothe already.

-- Aunt Bee (, March 04, 2000.

I visited the new site and found some of it interesting, the postings hop around too much I need to go in and change to "leave 'em as they posted 'em" so that I can find them.

I turned my browsers grahics off, still loads slow though. Don't have any problem with speed loading here. Glad you posted a link to this site over there, that was how I found you. Didn't even know this was here - Thanks

-- Sammie (, March 04, 2000.

Sheesh! And I thought it was just me in OZ on the end of a lil-bitty coppery twisted wirey thingey on the edge of the continental shelf and about to tip over it as well, but I reckon this format is quick and fast and usefully stimulative to the ol' grey confusion, not that it matters to Americans but it did to me in distant purgatory. Phew!

Hello Squirrel Nobbler, been bandicooting today on Mount Schank Station and copped heat stroke that'll explain the run-on sentence.

Regards from Down Under :o) buggerem emoticons.

-- Pieter (, March 04, 2000.

Hey, did someone forget to include in the ban that we don' 'low no 'flyming Austrylians?' That goes for Pieter Pan, and Malcolm, too! Off with their 'eads!

Bill, pure American

-- William J. Schenker, MD (, March 04, 2000.

I am glad this forum has continued, but we need the likes of crazies like hawk, heller, even the jenkster to provide comic relief. I can't see how the 2 new forums will be as interesting as before if the 2 opposing camps are in separate areas.

I much prefer the old style look of this forum, and I hope that there might be a reconcilliation between the 2. BTW, where is IMSO?

-- Mr. Sane (, March 04, 2000.

The graphics I enjoy are those posters used on the old TBK that were so pertinate to the post. I hate smileys and that junk. I don't like the format of the other forum. This is the easiest forum to operate I've found. I also love the Poetry forum on Lusenet.

-- gilda (, March 04, 2000.

I am a long time lurker at TB2000 and only started posting a month ago, in time to see all the spamming and flaming play out. I was so sad to see what happened to this forum. I've been at Ed's ezboard and am already tired of all the clicking and wasted time waiting for the new screen to emerge. I am very happy this new forum has emerged---but what is to keep this new forum being spammed as before?

So, so glad you all are here!


-- NH (, March 04, 2000.

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