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Hi, everyone. I for one miss that old Famous Flaming Forum Fracas atmosphere. What do you think is going to happen? GICC has picked up since the new format came on. I feel like the child of divorce and blended marriage. Lots of new and old homes to run off too. I'll lay odds we wind up doing a bunch of hopping. Any takers?

-- mike in houston (mmorris67@hotmail.com), March 03, 2000


Mike, make yourself at home. Would be good if people started posting (with cut/paste) treads from the old TB2K forum and we could pick up where we left off.

Just an idea.

-- Old TB2K forum regular (freespeech@yahoo.com), March 03, 2000.

There were some really good threads going there too. Let me peruse and see what I can come up with. (namely the three threads I was in the process of debating on)

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), March 03, 2000.

Hack just posted below. He thinks we offer a universal option this way. I agree. Too many people were being frightened by the spam and the idea of "lurkers" who might be tracking them. The whole concept behind the old board was too important to be killed by terrorist tactics, this way we remain basically the same group but redeployed so we can't be taken out easily. I'm sure that there's going to be constant migration across sites. Ed made a good tactical move. Let's go ahead and start reposting threads, give everyone a chance to settle down and take advantage of the situation. Cross posted before, no reason why we can't do it now. Someone takes us down here, move to another camp as refugees-don't have to breach their protocol but we remain in touch with events. No interruption in information flow, that's the big issue. Maybe this is just an unintended spin off from malicious activity, but if so, it could be the thing that keeps the tally in the Information Wars on the side of the Old Forum.

-- mike in houston (mmorris67@hotmail.com), March 03, 2000.

I'm with you. I want to participate across the Boards, but sometimes wading through the protocol makes me lose my sense of what I wanted to say. Also, for those of us that make this a sort of social occasion, we lose a lot of time with log in log off. We've been talking about it down here. We don't spam, but by the time the first person logs off and the second person logs on the thread has jumped. And none of us would have had the nerve to post the FIRST time if we hadn't had someone to egg us on. But, I still plan on going to GICC and the censored board to see what they have to say-and maybe that register only one but I really get nervous about that. Anyhow, let's give this a shot. They can't get us all. Goodness, right now even We can hardly get to us all. And you know what? I sort of feel better with MIT behind me than a commercial site but that's just me.

-- charlie in houston (cml@workmail.com), March 03, 2000.

WOW ! Can't believe I found you guys! Ditto 'Mike in Houston' ..I do understand. Looks like I'll be the victim of joint custody...lots of "hopping" I'm just a long time lurker, but I do miss the debates. For some strange reason, I have a big grin working!!

-- Rewind (Happy@home.com), March 03, 2000.

You've got that big grin for the same reason I keep snickering. Talk about diversionary tactics. Noticed one former quasi-lurker I was always nervous about posted a hail and fare well on 'ONE OF THE OTHER BOARDS'

hee, hee, hee. Caaatch us if you caaan...... (remember that song, Old Timers?)

-- another government hack (keepwatching_2000@yahoo.com), March 03, 2000.

This is going to work, we'll make it work. Everyone just hang in here and see where the dusts settles. I'm betting it's here!

-- Trish (adler2@webtv.net), March 03, 2000.

Just keep posting this link/address at the new Yourdon forum. The independant thinkers WILL be here. Just show them them the way.

-- Rewind (Happy@home.com), March 03, 2000.

I am here! did you miss me?

I'm just too used to this format =p

-- cin (cinlooo@aol.com), March 03, 2000.

I'm out of here for the night... Just wanted to say welcome home

-- Rewind (Happy@ home.com), March 03, 2000.

Poor hack is drooling and gibbering in the corner. Let's not be too quick to vitiate that other board-people are having a great time with the graphics and it's damn good protection. Everyone's back over here anyway, lurking and more postings. My God, someone needs to document this besides me. MIT-is this your project? It sure worked.

-- mike in houston (mmorris67@hotmail.com), March 03, 2000.

Wow, things do seem to be shaping up nicely. I can't decide who I should arbitrarily disagree with and insult first! Oh, the choices, the choices. Any deconstructive suggestions?

-- Flint (flintc@mindspring.com), March 03, 2000.

Hi! (sarcasm mode off)

-- INever (inevercheckmy@onebox.com), March 03, 2000.

This is too exciting.I am just so happy! Y'all don't know.

-- little wifey (littlewifey@home.com), March 03, 2000.

Wow, things do seem to be shaping up nicely. I can't decide who I should arbitrarily disagree with and insult first! Oh, the choices, the choices. Any deconstructive suggestions?

All I can tell ya Flint, is "if you don't like it here you can go elsewhere". "Or not".


-- CD (not@here.com), March 03, 2000.

Damn it Flint !!! I really was going to bed. However, I have a very simple question. How would YOU classify the individuals who have migrated here from TB2000? Into what BOX do we fit?

-- Rewind (Happy@home.com), March 03, 2000.

Flint, feel free to insult me first ----> moving target for free speech. within reason, of course.

-- Normally (Oxsys@aol.com), March 03, 2000.

Mike, you have summed up exactly what the essence of this forum is completely about. Even though I didn't post that much, after coming back here after two days away, it's like coming back home after a year long trip

-- (dorado@doco.com), March 03, 2000.


ROTFLMAO! Don't worry, guy. I'm sure I'll say something stupid enough to piss you off before you know it. After all, CPR once labeled me the "Moron of Morons". Tough to live up to, I know, but hey, I got a responsibility ;-)


-- Jimmy Splinters (inthe@dark.com), March 03, 2000.

No Flint! Me first! Me first! ROTFL

-- Debra (gonnalove@thisplace.com), March 03, 2000.

Rewind, I REALLY hate labels, you have no idea. But if you really really must label me, call me a Rebel, a Freethinker. (I rebel against my own convictions if I've held them too long. Forces me to listen more closely to others.)

Call this place whatever you wish, but don't call the posters within it "sheeples" ;-)

-- Old TB2K forum regular (freespeech@yahoo.com), March 03, 2000.


Great question from Rewind:

"How would YOU classify the individuals who have migrated here from TB2000? Into what BOX do we fit?"

How about your thoughts opening up the discussion in a new thread? We'll all brace ourselves.

-- Debra (intowhat@box?.com), March 04, 2000.

WHAT???? I never used the term "Sheeple" Are you drunk ?? Go get yourself a couple of more "brews"

-- Rewind (Happy@home.com), March 04, 2000.

What could be better? THIS collection of thinking souls has real potential if

There must be subjects of interest for us to create the sort of stimulating discussion we all thrive on. This new high produced by the creation of this site will soon wane and needs to be replaced with lively debate. My guess is that most everyone will gravitate to this gathering leaving Ed with a handful of CooKoos and his loyal idiot savants (AKA sysops). Censorship has a short shelf life. Living well is, as always, the best revenge.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), March 04, 2000.

I too think this is a forum for three thinkers, people not afraid to stand up and say what they think, even if it mean being called "a stupid liberal bitch," which is one of the things I was called on the old board.

Luckily I have never been called a sheep or sheeple in my entire life. Flint, you remind me of my Grandpa, who is long dead, he argued with me about everything; he was the most interesting, intelligent person I've ever known. Do you all remember this from "Alice in Wonderland?"

"When I was a young man I studied the law, and argued each case with my wife.

The indredible strength I acquired in my jaw, has lasted the rest of my life."

-- gilda (jess@listbot.com), March 04, 2000.

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