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aHi All,

I just wanted to pass on a tip for all of the new gardners.

I have noticed over the years as the garden starts to grow, and the weather heats up that the first thing someone does is water late in the evening to give their plants a nice cool drink of water. The best I can say for this is don't get the leaves wet if you water at night, or the evening. This is setting your garden up for every fungus that is around. This goes for all those new lawns,and rose bushes too! (roses will get those black spost if you water leaves at night.) Lawns will get rings of fungus, and vegetables will develop wilt a lot faster. Water in early morning so they can dry off and not sun burn.

Also if the ground temperature is not warm enough, putting a plant in early, and trying to protect it will not give you early plants. The roots will become sick or just weak, and the plant will not be happy. Try this start a few tomato plants early put some outside early and keep frost off of them, but plant them in the ground. Start a few tomato plants early, put up in bigger pots, but keep warm till the ground warms up (around 45 - 50 degrees) and see which plant takes off and grows the best for you.

Looking forward to the garden! Beth (NC)

-- Beth (NC) (, March 02, 2000


Response to Gardening

I have had considerable success with setting out "wall-o-water" teepees a week before I set early plants in the garden. This probably heats up the immediate piece of ground. I suggest you read "The Joy of Gardening" for the particulars.

-- Yolanda Breidenbaugh (, April 15, 2000.

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