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I've checked out s-mart and am liking what I am seeing, but what I am hesitant about doing is downloading a script which (if the headers indicate correctly) was written in 1997?? After sifting through the postings seems as though many people have worked out bugs, added new features (cookies, tax add ons from pull down menus based upon shipping state, etc). Has anyone posted (or be willing to) their 'up-to-date' script source? I'd really like to implement this cgi but trying to sift through 2 years of great posts to implement fixes seems rather daunting for a new user of s-mart.

By no means is this a complaint. I fully understand the author's paying commitments. Perhaps I'm reading into the script date's incorrectly?

Anyways, any input/reassurance will be greatly appreciated

-- kevin (, March 02, 2000



HOST-HERE SECURE SMART-STORE: This is a demo store running entirely on SSL:


The FREE scripts posted require modification of the original S-mart administrator.

These are the full scripts for the Web-Store.Net DEMO STORE and are intended to AUGMENT the scripts available from Barry Robison. There is a lively discussion group where you can build a GREAT commerce engine with the help of others. Please DO NOT email us for installation help. We are professional programmers and program for fees. Alterations, installtions, customization, and other programming are available FOR A FEE. These scripts are made available in the spirit of OPEN SOURCE software, but require a HIGH DEGREE of programming skill to install. Great help is available from the group. These scripts are offered without warranty, and they are not guaranteed. They are FREE.

Aditional script Available soon, some for a fee.

The Administrator was written for a customer and I am negotiating a reasonable download fee for his script. It includes the mailing engine that also was written by someone else. A tar of the entire Smart-Store Demo can be had for a fee. We are a development company and a great deal of effort would be involved to strip the scripts from their development environment. If there is sufficient interest, we may do it as a project.

We are, however, offering the major scripts FOR FREE. These scripts address nearly every known bug in the store, as well as offering just about every improvement asked for in the discussion group over the last two years.

If you have a SERIOUS need NOW: Contact us at to discuss your needs and negotiate a fee.

Gregory Swofford

-- Gregory Swofford (, March 02, 2000.

Thanks...sorry if i missed that post in this forum!

-- kevin (, March 02, 2000.

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