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Regarding the info from previous posts about Noah Wylie alluding to an upcoming battle with we really think it's in his character to mess with that kind of thing? He's taken such a negative attitude toward drug use in every situation where it's come up in the past...most notably with his cousin Chase. Or will this be one of those truly human situations where a character does something truly...well, out of character simply because life has turned so completely upside-down? Help me decide if this would be an appropriate or inappropriate storyline for his character... what I'm dreading is the writers taking a semi-serious shot with this only to abandon it without consequence when they realize in a few episodes that they can't do anything interesting with the premise (as in when Lucy was on Ritalin)

-- nancy (, March 02, 2000


That fact that Carter has taken such a stance against addictive drugs in the past only makes this storyline more interesting, I think! I agree with you though, I think the writers need to be very careful with this storyline. It could be really great or so implausible that it really turns the viewers off.

-- amanda (, March 02, 2000.

even people who are against drugs can become hooked on painkilers. if you are taking them because you are in pain, and need them, you can become addicted. ANYONE can become addicted.

-- Alexis (, March 02, 2000.

I was so disappointed when I heard about this. First, as you've both mentioned, Carter has been through a horrible experience w/his cousin's drug addiction, and he can visit Chase the Vegetable anytime to see what drug addiction can lead to. And remember how hard he was on Anna's boyfriend - the Percodan addicted pediatrician?

Second, the whole premise has the show veering even further into soap- opera territory. As well done as "Be Still My Heart" was, it's plot could have occurred (albeit in a cheesier form) on General Hospital (and in fact, there was a string of hospital murders in the soap Port Charles).

Third, hasn't the Nice-Doc-Gets-Attacked-and-Rejects-Counseling-Turns- Into-Self-Destructive-Time-Bomb thing been done before, with Mark? Why not show an alternative to substance abuse and self-loathing, like counseling, coping, relying on friends & family to help one through a difficult time.

It just seems like ER can do better than this overused plot.

-- B. Thomas (, March 02, 2000.

As Anthony Edward put it in Rosie's behind the scences at ER show..."we are at our best when we're in trouble." I think that one of the reason's that the stabbing was such great television is because it isn't something that is routinue on ER (unlike the soaps where someone gets stabbed what seems like every other week). I do wonder if the writers at ER have writer's block, because it seems that many of the storylines are just different versions of earlier storylines. I guess I will just have to wait about this storyline. I agree with some of the others that there are certain medications that people are addicted to and they don't even realize it until they can't get off. I have to say that the TPTB have definatly got my attention, and I don't plan on missing the upcoming episodes.

-- Emma (, March 02, 2000.


I just found out that ER was on Rosie on Friday! I am so upset that I missed it! I try to get all of the talk shows they appear on! If anyone taped it and would be willing to make me a copy, I would pay the costs for getting it! Or if anyone knows if it will be repeated or if I can find out if it will be repeated, please help! Thanks! :

-- Laura (, March 02, 2000.

I am also wondering whether I like this plot for Carter or not. I do have to admit that the writers definetly managed to get me watching again. And although we may think that certain storylines are unrealistic to characters/real life, these things are obviously getting our attention. I like the idea because I know that eventually it means there will be a confrontation between him and his friends/coworkers. But I agree that if it is not done well, it could be pretty disapointing. Like Nancy said, Lucy's ritalin plot just seemed to bring her downhill, whether it was to show Carter's renewed concern for her for the end of the 5th season or just to create more arguments between them, I wish they hadn't made her look so incompetent. And I hope they don't totally change Carter...they made Carter a jerk JUST around Lucy, and I hope they make him sweet again.

-- Elaine (, March 02, 2000.

Something to add...First, I'm not sure this plot (the painkiller addiction) is exactly set yet, it was just speculation this story would happen. Second, Anthony Edwards had it right, more people will tune in when the characters are "in trouble", because we care so much about them. If everything were "peachy" all the time for the docs we would be bored silly. The crisis times are when acting is at its best. What a fascinating twist after all these seasons if Benton becomes nicer and Carter becomes darker (if only for a while). That's what keeps the show fresh!

-- Lisa (, March 03, 2000.

Just a small thingAnna's ex (Max) wasn't addicted to Percodan, it was Percoset (sp?) and speaking of Anna, hey, maybe she can get word of Carter's troubles and re-join the crew at CG! Of course, we'd have to kill off a few more characters, but hey, I've got some ideas. . .

-- (, March 03, 2000.

I think that a storyline involving Carter being addicted to pain killers would be a great one, providing the writers tackle it properly. It's different from Chases storyline, where he was using heroine, a recreational drug. As for Max, well, i'm not sure what the story was behind that. But for Carter, it would be realistic in the fact that it would start off innocently enough. Being racked with chronic pain would have him taking pain killers, and through this, I think he would get addicted without even realizing it. But this is just my opinion. None of us know for sure what's going to happen. Darn, I can't believe they are making us wait til March 23rd for a new ep!


-- Phantom (, March 03, 2000.

I think it is a dumb idea. Why not show him coping in the right way. Like perhaps his family helping him and a reapproachment with his grandmother. Addicted Dr. is bogus and overdone.

-- Barbara Parker (, March 03, 2000.

Addicted doctor has not been done on ER before (as far as I know). I imagine this is a real problem in the real world as a person in a great deal of pain might be tempted to self-medicate if he could. This is compounded by the person being a resident who has the power but perhaps not the sense that he should have. We know that "Our Dr. CArter" would never sanction this behavior but... then again a person on painkillers might not be thinking very clearly. Also Carter has alot of good friends who might discreetly try to help him out with a few prescriptions of their own.

-- maryann (, March 03, 2000.

Nancy--I believe that the interaction that could result from this storyline between Carter and his surgeon- Benton could be wonderful. Imagine Benton's expression when he would find out what Carter is up to. This interaction alone would be worth the storyline......J

-- joan (, March 05, 2000.

If the rumors about Carter becoming addicted are true, I think it's well done of the writers, even though it's not like Carter.

It's a known fact that doctors are very subsectible (sp?) to drug addiction because they can write their own prescriptions. I'm not saying every doctor who has surgery or an accident gets addicted; but in Carter's case he's emotionally struggling, so it would be easier for a doctor under his strain to become addicted. Because of his history with Max and Chase this would make an interesting storyline, IF done correctly.

-- AmyE (, March 05, 2000.

If handled correctly, the Carter storyline could be shocking, touching, heart-breaking, and confrontational. Carter is currently pushing everyone away, acting as though he will get through things alright w/o any help. We all know though that nothing could be further from the truth. If he develops a drug addiction he will either not realize it, or have no one there to help him, b/c he's have convinced them all that he was fine. Then someone will notice something odd about him, and see that he isn't his usual self. This could be interesting. Everyone will be shocked, and they may for once realize that they aren't really there for him when he needs people's help. It could be very emotional, and we could see that people really care for him. Carter, too, would see that others were worried. He could handle this in a bunch of ways. He could be happy, thankful, and embrace it, or he could be beyond the point of embracing them and push people away even more. Here is where the confrontation could come in. There is just so much to be said about the possibilities. You can't be too quick to judge this storyline. It could be great.

-- Kerry (, March 05, 2000.

Yup, I long as some of this emotional strain is about the loss of Lucy too. There was a whole episode+ about how Carter dealt with Dennis Gant's death. After all, despite their constant arguing, if you look back to the middle of the fifth season, they cared about each other a lot. As Lucy put it (in The Storm II), they remind her of her grandparents. Maybe he'll miss arguing with her.

-- Elaine (, March 05, 2000.

The "prediction" of Carter addicted to pain killers, will be, I believe, the correct way to go with this story. Watchers of ER, want to see the agony and the troubles Carter will endure after Lucy's death. That is just something society likes to see, (odd as it may be). I feel that the situation between Carter and Lucy not getting along and Carter treating her like dirt, was something they plotted up to. Lucy is dead and Carter could have prevented that by supervising her the way she should have been and now they are going to make Carter realize how wrong he was in not helping her out that day, and turning the story to make Carter suffer, painfully and most importantly, emotionally, well, I think is the right way to go. He has too be, and actually you can see it in his face, have feelings of guilt. I think the pain killers will be used to ease his physical pain, but then later help to ease his emotional pain. The writers are doing a wonderful thing and I hope they keep up the good work. One last note: I hope they don't forget about Paul Sobricki, I think they should have a confrontation between him and Carter. It should not be forgotten. Thanks for letting me ramble on. Paula

-- Paula (, March 06, 2000.

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