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hi i would just want to know on how do we get the grade for our library assignment. could you please update me on that and also have you posted our grades for exam 1 on the class forum page.

-- monisha dadlaney (, March 02, 2000


Response to library assignment grade Hi Monisha and others-

Please read the subject heads ... There is an announcement that assignment points and exam one score are available.

As long as the assignment was turned in, full credit was given (5 including the extra credit work; 7 for those who turned in early). If Dr. Katz wants to adjust the score for the assignment, I can change it.

If you are asking a letter grade for your exam. You have to ask Dr. Katz since he sometimes changes the criteria and I might be inaccurate. Thank you! See you in the class.

-- hyo kim (, March 02, 2000.

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