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New to the polaroid transfer world and liking it. Thanks to all the folks putting their time into this site and those responding to questions. I will give some background first. I am using a Daylab Jr. and 669 film. From b&w slides I am playing with the magenta and yellow filters for a sepia tone. I read what I could find on the net before any attempts. I did not like the look of the water-bath (watercolor) look for the image I was working with. I tried floating with good results. Hot press Arches gave me crisper detail than cold press. I am now attempting to transfer onto glass (flat) and my first attempt did not adhere to the glass at all. (no image) I then did a regular polaroid test to check the film condition. Fine results. I have one sheet of film left at home and my 80 sheets from B&H Photo should be here tomorrow. So tonight I look for answers. Any suggestions from folks that have been down this road before (sepia, glass)would be appreciated. Should I chemically treat the glass first? Heat it? Soak it? Thank you for your help.

Waiting for my film to arrive,

David Roberts

-- David Roberts (, March 01, 2000


I was surprised to see no answers to this question. Image transfers have to be done on porous surfaces - to the best of my knowledge. If there is some chemical process to make glass porous, then it would work. You could try spraying the glass with a clear mat UV acrylic and then try an image transfer - but I have my doubts it would work.

You can put emulsion transfers on glass, however, they do have a tendency to fade more rapidly than those on non-transparent surfaces.

It would be interesting to try "sandblasted" glass to see if an image transfer would work or perhaps a chemically textured glass - but I really do not think you can make glass porous and you need a porous surface to do the image transfers on.

Hope this helps.

Mary Jo Brezny

-- mary jo brezny (, January 21, 2001.

you can do emulsion transfers to glass i believe, but image transfers are out of the question.

-- Greg Thomas (, April 23, 2003.

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