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Well I was watching my tape of "be patient" again and I noticed something that might give us a time line as to when the Rosie show was shot and what ER episode they were filming at the time. In the part where Corday is looking at the board in the OR and says something like "we'll have to reschedule the bowel to four thirty" and then turns to be startled by Mark's dad, during that scene, you get a pretty good glimpse of that OR white board that she's looking at. Well, remember how on the Rosie show Alex Kingston and Eriq La Salle show Rosie around the OR. Rosie finds it quite funny that they use peoples real names to fill up the board, and there we get a pretty good shot of the board too. So, because I have no life, I freeze framed each of the scenes to show the boards on different TVs and examined them. And... they have the exact same things written on them! This tells me that they were probably filming "Be Patient" at the time Rosie visited them. Not only that but Eric La Salle said something that they had just put that wall up there for that particular episode to give it a different look. We see that area almost exactly as it was in the Rosie show in that scene with (and right before) Corday and Mark's dad talk. I thought that was kind of interesting, because this probably means we only have 5 more episodes left in the season, because thats how many Julianna said she had left to film. Sorry this is long =)

-- Alissa (, March 01, 2000


That is possible I suppose. I tend to doubt it though. Rosie O'Donnell is in L.A. to tape the Grammy's, so, that must mean that she has been there for 2 weeks tops. It's already been a week since Be Patient aired, so, that doesn't leave enough time for editing and such. Aren't they at least 4-6 shows ahead taping? Plus, on Rosie when she was playing basketball w/ Michael Michelle you couls see Noah Wyle leaning against the trailer wearing the usual Carter slacks, shirt, and tie. I took that to mean that he was back to work in the ER already. I dunno though....

-- Kerry (, March 01, 2000.

You people amaze me. Regular detectives! You shed a lot of light on All Things ER... keep up the good work, it makes for tres interesting reading.

-- Cat (, March 01, 2000.

I don't think they could have been taping "Be Patient" that week either. I think Rosie had live episodes from New York the first part of the week before the Grammy's so I think she only flew out there the weekend before (Feb 18 maybe?) and that show aired the 17th. Plus they are about two weeks ahead on taping. I don't remember when Kellie Martin was on Regis and Kathy Lee, but I think it was the week that "Be Still My Heart" aired and she said she had just finished taping her epis a couple of weeks before. Besides, Eriq LaSalle said they often use cast members names on the board so it could be that the board doesn't change a whole lot! I agree though, that there are only about 6 new episodes left this season...probably 1 in Mar (the 23) and one in April then all new epis in May for sweeps. I can't wait!!

-- amanda (, March 02, 2000.

There are 22 episodes in a season and "Be Patient" is #15. So simple math says there are 7 new episodes this season.

-- 2222 (, March 02, 2000.

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