Who have been your favorite recurring characters?

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Going along with some of the recent posts, who have been some of your favorite recurring characters in the ER. They don't have the "usual" folks coming through like they used to, but I always liked: Patrick, Loretta the prostitute, Bob, Charlie and Peter's family. Anyone else?

-- Larry (larrybro95@hotmail.com), March 01, 2000


I love, love, LOVE Steve Flint the head of radiology. . . and Jackie and Walt, too. And Shirley's cool.

-- (jac301@is9.nyu.edu), March 01, 2000.


-- Carla (chloe4293@netscape.net), March 01, 2000.

Doris the paramedic, Nina from Psych, Gamma, Dr. Coburn, Jackie, Riley. I also enjoyed Wild Willie Swift scaring the drunks with his African head dress.

-- Amanda Drew (MEGDENTON@prodigy.net), March 01, 2000.

Maggie Doyle all the way!

-- Lisa (Shaniakicks@hotmail.com), March 01, 2000.

I don't know about these guys, but wouldn't it be cool if Xena, Warrior Princess made some guest appearances?

-- Geri (wonderwall@alloymail.com), March 01, 2000.

Xena on ER...Hmmmm I don't think that would work out to well. To much armour:)

-- Whitney (CWB Sierra Angel@aol.com), March 01, 2000.

Charlie, Carter's Gamma, Jerry (Where DID he go?), Roxanne, Dr. Flint, Dr. Hicks, Dr. Anspaugh, Anspaugh's son (can't think of his name but he was a good character).

-- AmyE (roamyn@aol.com), March 01, 2000.

I liked Harper Tracy, and for all her ditzyness, I liked Cynthia. Anspaugh's son was named Scott. He died of cancer. The episode brought tears to my eyes.

-- Carin (cdenisehaze@usa.nete), March 01, 2000.

Maybe Xena could team up with that woman who came in during Season 5 with all that armor.

I, too, miss Drs. Hicks and Morgenstern.

-- Larry (larrybro95@hotmail.com), March 01, 2000.

Susan Lewis -- I miss her more than ever... Malik -- always makes me smile and Timmy (the original desk clerk)-- no one announced patients like he did.

-- judie (jasbel95@aol.com), March 01, 2000.

Dr. Angela Hicks (CCH Pounder- for her melodious voice alone); "Gamma" Carter (the brilliant Frances Sternhagen); Pharmaceutical siren Linda Farrell (siren Andrea Parker); Jeanie Boulet (Gloria Reuben); Malik McGrath (Deezer D.)

-- Chris A. (movibuf@juno.com), March 02, 2000.

I miss Dr. Hicks. Out of everyone, I think she seems the most like a doctor. And please bring Gamma back (even though I can't stand hearing Carter call her that). That man needs some kind of family even if it's only her.

-- maryann (map5860@aol.com), March 02, 2000.

Jerry, Doyle, "Bob," Randi, Chuny, Haleh, even E-Ray!!

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), March 04, 2000.

Oh, yes!! How could I forget Malik? And Yosh? I love them both, too!!

-- Leigh (WillnGraceNYC@yahoo.com), March 04, 2000.

Who said Shep? Did you know that Julianna lives with him and he does mostly Broadway now? See the current issue of In Style magazine with Julianna on the cover. I wonder if the show was how they got together.

-- joan (joanofarc24@hotmail.com), March 05, 2000.

Regarding the character of Shepard, played by Ron Eldard: He and Julianna Margulies had been dating three or four years before he was on ER. She in fact recommended him for the role when it was announced that they were looking for a recurring love interest for Nurse Hathaway. After ER he was in the short lived sitcom called "Men Behaving Badly" with Rob Schneider and Justine Bateman. I guess he sticks with plays now. I think he was in "Death of a Salesman".

-- Carin (cdenisehaze@usa.net), March 05, 2000.

Ron and Julianna met in an acting class, then started dating.


-- Amelia (sorry@msn.com), March 05, 2000.

Gamma Carter! And...Randi! (Who plays Randi anyway?)

-- Mo (moni4987@teen.com), April 04, 2000.

Kristin Minter plays Randi (i think!!) and i love Malik!

-- Vicki Baker (ms_peachy_pie@hotmail.com), May 02, 2000.

RANDI! She's definitely the best clerk... And I loved Charlie on the show. Anyways, as both Doug and Carol will be gone forever soon, I think there's no chance that Charlie might come back. Didn't she only have plots with those two? (Okay there was Anna Del Amico, but she's gone as well) Speaking of her, it would be great if she came back to help Carter over Lucy's death, wouldn't it?

-- anne (annebercher@gmx.de), May 03, 2000.

Anne, regarding Anna...yes I think so too. I really wish Carter had someone to go to as he's sitting up at 2am, and I hope that next season they give him a nice, secure relationship w/ someone to help him deal with this. (and Anna would be nice, but I doubt she's coming back!)

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), May 03, 2000.

Now I know this is not really the right thread to discuss this, but since this has probably been discussed before somewhere else, I'll just write it down here. Elaine, I really do think too that Carter needs someone to talk to. And as much as I enjoy watching 'Gamma' finally open up to him, I guess right now what he needs is neither a family member nor a lover (though of course he needs both of them but just not about this subject), but a friend like Anna was. They were really close and she might been able to help him. But as I heard, Maria Bello left the show because she didn't like her character or her character's storylines (sorry, I don't remember too well), so it's highly unlikely that she'd come back just to go on being Carter's best friend and possible lover. Now I realize what I wrote is pretty confusing... I hope you get it the right way, I was just not able to express this clearer... Maybe because English still is a foreign language for me.

-- Anne (annebercher@gmx.de), May 03, 2000.


-- Teddy (richarr@earthlink.net), August 16, 2001.

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