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Hi Everyone, there was a message on here a while ago and i have been looking all over and i cannot find it! The message contained a website to a site that had a clip (sound) of Kellie Martin reading a letter to someone on, " Life Goes On" if anyone can tell me taht website it would be great, thanks! Jess

-- Jess (, February 29, 2000


you'll find that clip at and then theme music i think. anyway, search around there and you'll stumble upon it. this i'm sure of.

-- Danielle (, March 01, 2000.

Yes, Danielle is correct. Actually I personally sent that WAV to Cliff Giddens for his site several months ago. It is one of my favorite book quotes, (and LGO quotes as well). The link is called "Dear Fox Old Friend" in the "theme music" folder. It was read by Kellie (Becca) to Jesse who was dying of AIDS in his hopital bed. It was one of the last LGO episodes called "Five To Midnight".

-- Bill (, March 03, 2000.

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