Bulgaria Y2K centre in Sofia says no big problems

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Regional Y2K centre in Sofia says mo big problems

SOFIA, Feb 29 (Reuters) - A regional centre in Bulgaria that monitors possible leap year 2000 computer problems in 28 states in central and eastern Europe and central Asia said on Tuesday there had been no major problems registered so far.

``All countries in the central and eastern Europe and central Asia met February 29 without difficulties and by noon (1000 GMT) there have been no Y2K-related problems registered and reported to the regional centre,'' said a press release.

There have been fears that computers might fail to recognise February 29 2000 but like in the case of the millennium bug, they appear to be unjustified.

Grozdan Karadzhov, coordinator at the regional centre, said that in Bulgaria itself, there had been no problems in the national electricity system, railways, aviation, telecoms and banking system as well as at the Kozloduy nuclear plant.

But, he said, a system actively used now by police to issue new documents for Bulgarian nationals, had been failing to find a proper expiry date five or 10 years from now as there is no February 29 in the 2005 and 2010 calendar.

The system was confused and was typing 1900. Police told the regional centre later the problem had been fixed.

Another minor glitch happened when some customers tried to pay their cell phone bills on Tuesday, getting receipts dated March 1 2000, Karadzhov said.

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-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), February 29, 2000

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