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Thanks to my wife, who can spot a character actor/actress a mile away, it can now be told.

To those who may have found that Lucy's mom sounded a bit familiar, here's the deal: Gwyneth Walsh, the actress who portrayed her, logged some time on Star Trek: Next Generation as the Klingon Lursa (sp?), who with her sister Ba'Tor were constantly scheming to take over the Klingon empire.

And of course, with all that heavy makeup and appliances, it's a very easy thing to overlook.

PS: Apologies if this was mentioned previously. I've been away for a couple of days.

-- Victor (, February 29, 2000


That's "Lucy's MOM" in the title. Oops.

-- Victor (, February 29, 2000.

Wow! I am a major TNG fan, I did not even recognize her. Good detective work!

-- Elisabeth (, February 29, 2000.

Hey Liz, what did you expect!!!! She was a KLINGON!!!!!!

-- Abigail (, March 01, 2000.

Canadians paying attention to this conversation may note that Gwynyth can currently be seen on a semi-weekly basis playing Patricia Da Vinci on the excellent CBC series "Da Vinci's Inquest." Highly recommended.

-- Mike Sugimoto (, March 04, 2000.

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