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Hi there,

I have a All in Wonder 128 and have been capturing my video directly from the card in MPEG1 "VCD Compliant" modes. I am using EZ CD Creator 4 to burn the video CD. I then get the ever present "System Clock Error"; all of the other attributes for VCD Compliance are met (or are "probably OK" according to the EZCD4).

Just for kicks, I go ahead and burn anyway as a VCD. I suspect that it is not burning the VCD all the way because I am missing a .dat file in the CD's root directory. Anyway, I can't get my standalone DVD player to recognize the disk, and my computer to recognize the disk as a VCD. However, (which I find interesting), if I load the .dat file created by EZCD4 off of the CD directly into the ATI DVD player, it WILL play the file, no problem.

I'm going with the assumption that my standalone DVD player will not recognize the disk because it is not a VCD and not becuase of the media (I have used the same RW disk in testing by burning some audio tracks and the DVD player read it without a problem).

Has anyone been able to successfully just go from the AIW128 through the EZCD4 and get a standalone VCD? If so, is there something that I am missing. I saw an earlier post with recommendations for the MPEG capture and also for defaulting the player in the SYSTEM.INI file away from the ATI players and have followed them to the letter. Is there anything else that I am missing?

Thanks for your assistance.


-- GGalindo (, February 29, 2000


I have also All-in-Wonder 128 and I also capture the MPEG1 directly from the video card. The only difference is that I am using EZ Creator 3.5B. When I tried to used the VCD creator the format is not supporter? My questions for you is how you can ready the MPEG1 file in EZ Creator 4? I contact the ATI support and they tell me that MPEG1 is not support for EZ Creator 3.5B? They also tell me that If I know of more people that have this problem they are keeping track of people that have this kind of problems?

Also, When I used the EZ Creator and used like creating a CD - and put the file MPEG1 file in the CD-R. My Sony DVD C600 ready it reconized the VDC but it show me in the screen three horizontal lines. I don't know what to do next. I haven't tried to burn a CD-RW to see if it will read.

All well, sorry that I don't give you any sugestion only more question s. Thank you for your time. Let me know if you can help me in answer some of this.

-- Carlos Leon (, February 29, 2000.

I have the same setup and I have been able to create a VCD with clips from AIW128 and DV camcorder. When you capture through AIW128 make sure that the video settings are set to the ones specified in EZCD4. That taken care of, you should be able to create one.

-- shosur (, June 13, 2000.

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