Japan - Tokyo Stock Exchange computer glitch; TSE denies it's due to leap yr

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Glitch reported at TSE's stock-quote terminals

.c Kyodo News Service

TOKYO, Feb. 29 (Kyodo) - The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) reported Tuesday computer trouble involving its stock-quote display terminals but denied that the leap-year day had caused a Y2K-like glitch.

The malfunction made it difficult to display some stock index futures prices and options quotes on terminals installed at brokerage houses' outlets, an official at the TSE said.

''It's because of a mistake by the operator, and not because of a computer bug connected with the leap-year day,'' the official said.

''Trading was not affected at all and the terminals will return to normal by Tuesday night,'' he said.

There are some 10,000 such terminals at brokerage houses' outlets, allowing investors to monitor price movements for themselves.

AP-NY-02-28-00 2245EST

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-- Lee Maloney (leemaloney@hotmail.com), February 29, 2000

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