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In season one we hear a lot about how little ER doctor are paid. Petet said in season 1 that his fellowship paid only $21,000. I would certainly hope that ER doctor and nurses are paid more than that considering what they do.

Does anyone know what the typical pay schedule is the average emergency room?

-- (, February 29, 2000


Their salaries depend on whether they're residents or not as well as what their specialties are. I've heard that residents should be happy if they make $30,000 a year. After residency, I'm not sure how much ER docs make.

-- Christie (, February 29, 2000.

I work in a big city teaching hospital. Residents get about $35K, ER attendings about $100K and up, and nurses around $50K.

-- fireflower (, March 01, 2000.

This if for my area in MN. Considering that most ER docs work a 32 hr work week, in contrast to a 36-40 hour nursing work week. The average hourly ED Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physican starts about at 70.00 an hour translated around 120K. The average hourly RN in the local hosp. starts at 16.00hr with added shift differential & Charge nurse stipend / BSN stipend to the local high end of 22.00hr with previous extras added. Locum Tenens / Board Cert. in EM (rent a doc)gets a premium at one hosp. Some smaller hospitals have weekend coverage by Family Practice Physcians or moonlighting EM residents get paid dearly.

-- justa observation (, March 03, 2000.

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