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February 28, 2000

According to an employee of Delphi Packard plant in Ohio, the company experienced a Y2k glitch in production. They manufactured "parts" for vehicles made in the year 1900.

Sorry, no other details. This is second-hand information.

From Delphi's website:

Corporate Overview.... Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: DPH), with headquarters in Troy, Michigan, USA, is a world leader in automotive component and systems technology. Delphi's three business sectors -- Dynamics & Propulsion; Safety, Thermal & Electrical Architecture; and Electronics & Mobile Communication -- provide comprehensive product solutions to complex customer needs. Delphi has approximately 213,500 employees and operates 175 wholly-owned manufacturing sites, 41 joint ventures, 51 customer centers and sales offices, and 27 technical centers in 37 countries. Regional headquarters are located in Paris, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

By leveraging our rich heritage and extensive technical knowledge, we offer a broad range of innovative solutions from components to systems and modules. Delphi's integrated systems and modules are designed to help simplify vehicle manufacturers' processes and meet the demands of today's high-tech vehicles. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction through technology leadership, quality, world class cost levels and responsiveness.


-- Lee Maloney (, February 28, 2000


(In this article, Delphi reports no Y2k problems by 1/3/00. But then, 8 of 13 plants were idled during the rollover.)

Delphi Automotive Systems Uses Year 2000 Rollover To Test Secured Worldwide Connectivity Capabilities

Company Reports No Y2K-Related Disruptions

For Release: January 3, 2000

TROY, Mich. -- Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: DPH) announced they used advanced technology to ensure secured worldwide communications to monitor operational status during the Y2K rollover. The technology aided Delphi in monitoring, on a real-time basis, all of its critical systems and operations around the globe as the year ended and facilities began operating in the new year.

"With more than 350 Delphi facilities spread in over 35 countries, this technology enabled all of our sites, without exception, to report their Y2K status on a regular basis during the transition," said Delphi Y2K Program Director Tulip Shah.

The company is using global remote access over the Internet using secure ID authentication to handle communications through a combination of the company's Intranet and the public Internet infrastructure. Five hundred users have an electronic secure ID card that transmits a new access code every minute. In the event that Delphi's Intranet is not accessible, users can access Delphi's internal web-based reporting application via the Internet using the access code and user identification code.

"We are very pleased with our success at this point," stated Shah. "Prior to our implementation, we had not tested this level of secured, global connectivity. This event lays the foundation for our IT and future e-business strategy."

"As of today, Delphi has not experienced any disruptions of business due to the year 2000 rollover. We have completed our initial analysis of start-up and have no reports of systems failure from any of our sectors or regions," said Shah.

Shah also noted that because of light traffic and no reports of problems at facilities, Delphi was able to idle eight of its 13 command centers temporarily. He added that Delphi is not letting its guard down yet, as command centers will continue to monitor facility and production activities during the next few days.

Delphi Vice President of Purchasing Ray Campbell said that Delphi's suppliers are also operating normally as of today. "We have successfully completed our start-up runs and have had a number of our tier one suppliers confirm successful start-ups at their operations as well," he said.

Campbell said Delphi will have to continue to monitor suppliers until deliveries are made on time and on spec; however, the company does not expect any supplier to have problems meeting requirements.

Source: Delphi Automotive Systems website

-- Lee Maloney (, February 28, 2000.

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