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As a relatively new ER viewer (I now know the characters), I am curious to know of some of your favorite comedic moments of ER, whether it is a classic line or brief story thread. I am in the process of watching ER at three different points of existence (Season 1 airing on ABC Sunday nights, Season 4 on TNT weekdays, and the current season Thursday nights). With all of this mishmashed together I am getting to know everyone but have obviously missed a lot. Season 1 episodes are a riot with Carter irritating Benton, Jerry as Romeo, etc.; though I have only seen four shows in that season. Anything I have missed that can be classified as the funniest moments in any season? (It gives me something to look forward to). Thanks from a new viewer! I hope you have fun remembering.

-- Lisa (, February 28, 2000


Hmm...some of the funny moments I remember are:

-Doug, Carol, Lydia and Carter ending up in the same stall in a women's bathroom.

-Susan, Carol, and Carter dancing to "Twist & Shout."

-Doug showing up at Carol's house on Christmas Eve (Season 3), when he reminds her what day it is and she replies, "Doug, I am *painfully* aware of that." (she had some traditional garb on)

-Doug & Carol rollerblading (well, Carol rollerblading, Doug thinking he knows how to).

-Carol washing Doyle's pepper spray out of Carter's eyes.

-Carol & Susan sunbathing on the roof.

-Mark's attempt at hosting the banquet.

-Carter looking at Anna's bare a**.

-- Leigh (, February 28, 2000.

I think the best had to be when Deb shocked Carter with the defibs.

-- Joseph (, February 28, 2000.

when carol was suffering from post maternal deppression. elizebeth and chuny where talking about how she can manage work and twins... carol is staring at them the whole time...

-- rachel (, February 28, 2000.

What time Eastern Time is ER on ABC on Sunday? I still get a kick out of Romano asking Liz how much she would pay for his sperm!

-- 2222 (, February 28, 2000.

One of my favorite moments was when Doug, Mark, Carol and Susan sneaked up to cardio to steal back their new crash carts, which cardio had stolen from them. Doug finally had to pull his suave act on one of the female staff to distract her while the others got away with the carts.

-- chessieking (, February 28, 2000.

I think the funniest episode was when lucy first started. I think it was called "A day for Knight"

-- Kami (, February 28, 2000.

I'm not sure what episode it was called but it was the one that Jenn came to the hospital to tell Mark she had passed the bar and then they proceeded to get hot and heavy in the bathroom and set off the button to call the nurses station. The look on Mark's face when the docs opened the door thinking someone was in need of help was priceless.

-- Michelle (, February 28, 2000.

I absolutely agree about the last post! Mark and Jenn getting busted in the closet sent me into hysterics. Especially when the staff shuts the door on them and then you hear Jerry, Haleh, Malik, and others bust out laughing at the two. Classic ER moment, I hope I got the people right who were there..I think I'll find that episode just to see that again, too funny! :D

-- Monika (, February 28, 2000.

I loved the episode "Dr Carter I Presume" when John freaks out during an emergency and yells "Somebody call a doctor" to which Carol replies "You are the doctor."

I also liked the Christmas episode when the guy that resembled Santa Claus (Sam Clausen) was in the ER and Carol thought he was the real Santa Claus, especially when his wife and elf looking kids came in.

Then there was the Santa Clause that threw up all over Carrie Weaver.

There are so many fun memories!

-- Whitney (CWB Sierra, February 28, 2000.

I think one of the best moments was when Benton needed surgery, and Carter ended up doing it, and everyone was kinda dancing around in the OR.

-- angel (, February 28, 2000.

One of the funnier lines that I remember is in the episode where Deb accidently shocks Carter with the defibrilator pads. He's lying in the bed and Haleh looks at Deb's notes and says, "I think the correct term is abnormally small genitalia"..or something like that. He thinks Deb examined his genitalia and did a rectal. He freaked out until they said they were kidding. It was a great joke.

-- Carin (, February 28, 2000.

I'm not sure of the episode but what about the one where both Carter and Benton had to do surgeries where they each had to remove something and Carter's was 3 times as big as Benton's, and the ER staff put them both in jars and then displayed them on the desk for everyone to see? Everyone was laughing exept Benton. He said something like, "Very funny, guys" and turned and left.

-- Merilee Swain (, February 28, 2000.

It seems the funniest moments are from the 1st season....

Here is another from the first season. Remember the Xmas show with Patrick and Rosemary Clooney? Both came to the hospital? I loved Patrick in the episode, from playing Xmas carols on the PA and Rosemary Clooney singing we 3 kings together.

I also like the one where Carter and Dr. Hicks have to remove Dr. Benton's appendix (Season 3?). Carter jumping up and down exclaiming THERE IS A GOD!!! was classic.

-- judie (, February 29, 2000.

Another thing about the episode where Carol, Doug, Lydia, and Carter steal the crashcart is that after they hide in the bathroom stall with all three of them on Carol's lap, they sneak out and Doug goes to flirt with a doctor to distract her while they steal it. Then Carol and Lydia look on at how suave he is and Carol continues to say to Lydia about how they were on the floor doing it within a few minutes of their first date. Carter is staring at Carol as she says this and she just smiles at him.

Also, in Blizzard, Susan and Mark put a cast on Carter while he's sleeping and then call awake to an emergency while everyone waits. He falls over and spends half the day trying to get it off. A crazy patient ends up going after it with a saw.

One more...when Carter gets drunk with Harper Tracy in the bathtun because they were celebrating something and then he has to go into work...Susan or Mark or someone sends him home...I don't remember which show it was, but I thought it was ironic, because 5th season Carter sends Lucy away for being drunk on Halloween (she's not supposed to be on though).

-- Elaine (, February 29, 2000.

I loved it when Jerry blew up the ambulance bay, nearly shattering Cynthia's eardrums in the process. Another great moment" Carol had a crazy Halloween patient who thought he was a werewolf. Hathaway asks him how he fell off the roof and he says he was chasing cats. Yet another one: Lucy chasing a misplaced corpse all over the hospital. And my personal favorite:when Peter was forced to take a bunch of preschoolers gtrick-or-treating in the hospital. They called him names and ran away.

-- Amanda Drew (, February 29, 2000.

One of my favorites was at the begining of Season 6 where Carter and Deb kept playing pratical jokes on eachother and Carter taped a bunch of nails to his shirt and Deb thought that she had a patient that swolled nail. That's one of my favorites.

-- Jennifer (, February 29, 2000.

When Lucy thought a patient had swallowed a whole carrot.

-- (, February 29, 2000.

The funniest for me was when Carter decides he needs to "shock" (sorry I don't know the medical term) a guy. No one else is around and the very inexperienced Carter pulls the crash cart, by the pads, over to the patient, who's about 20 feet away. He yells, way too loudly, to no one, "CLEAR" and shocks the guy back to life.

This one always cracks me up. It was like Carter was one of the Three Stooges. Like the Three Stooges, explaining it isn't nearly as funny as seeing it. I think this was in the first episode of the first season.

-- Rachel (, February 29, 2000.

Another one...when Carrie decides to tape work in the ER and as the whole staff is watching it, she accidently rewinds to where Mark is talking to Doug about not having slept with anyone else but Jenn, and he is nervous to go out with a woman, who he has asked out by that time and is standing right next to him when the video is shown.

I still think when Carter stares at Lucy's a** is funny...then after they make out Carter is trying to convince Chuney that they didn't do anything, that she's like a little sister to him. Chuney says, "Ahh, you do that with your little sister?"

-- Elaine (, February 29, 2000.

A good one on TNT tonight where Dr Green is treating a horse in the ambulance bay(at his daughter's plead) and the horse raises it's tail and shoots *Stuff*all over Jerry...LOL

-- Whitney (CWB Sierra, February 29, 2000.

I wish I could remember the name of the show but it's an early episode (back when Deb was still "Deb", before she almost kills the patient). Anyway, I think it was some kind of holiday and some teens came in because they had eaten some candy laced with LSD. Deb picks up a couple of those candies out of the patient's room (not knowing of course) and eats them. We see her "zoning" out and staring at the wall in the ER hallway later and Haleh gives her this hilarious look. Needless to say, Deb had a psychedelic shift in the ER that day!

-- Monika (, March 01, 2000.

Oh man! Thanks for all of the funny memories you guys! Most of my favorites have been mentioned already, but I loved:

when they 2 dumb guys came in with pool table balls stuck in their mouths and Haleh called them "dumb and dumber" (can't remember which ep.)

Carter getting shocked by Deb.

The crash cart theft.

When Randi first was on and she dressed a lot more provocatively and everyone wondered what she had a record for. "Aggravated mayhem" was her answer.

When Baby Susie is being born: "Motherhood."

Doug and Carol singing "Hello Mudda, hello fadda" (ep?)

The first 3 seasons had the funniest moments by far.

-- Larry (, March 01, 2000.

Remember the first time Carter got to scrub for surgery? He came into the scrub room butt first with his hands in the air and he hadn't even washed first. Peter made a comment like "You don't have to butt first until you're sterile." Then when he came into surgery he immediately touched Peter's shoulder and contaminated himself and had to be sent back out to scrub again.

-- Chessie King (, March 01, 2000.

Many of my faves have been mentioned too, but I also loved in one epi when Carter (sterile) banged on the door with his head to get Benton's attention (I think he was talking to Carla?) and Benton rolls his eyes and pushes the door open, nearly knocking Carter to the ground. . . . and I also loved when they were shooting the documentary ("Ambush") ands Carol and Doug, not realizing they were wired, made first some lewd comments (about each other) and then some derogatory comments (about the crew). . . and my all time favorite Romano comment was when he said to the doc from Rush ("Leave it to Weaver"?) something like "It's been what, like. . . oh who the hell really cares?" And then there's just too many snide comments from Lydia, Haleh, Chuny, Conni, and the rest of the nurses. . . and all the stunts Jerry's pulled. . . God I love this show!

-- joy (, March 01, 2000.

Oh and I just have to add, when Romano has terminated his sponsorship of Lizzie and he comes across her and her father in Doc Magoo's and Dr. Corday (the elder) says to Romano "I was never fond of her working with you in the first place" and Romano just blinks and says after a pause "I recall that."

-- joy (, March 01, 2000.

Another one...remember when Kerry forced Jeannie to ride the exercise bike, jog etc for that study she was conducting. Poor Jeannie was nearly passing out from exhaustion. Then there was Weaver gleefully whipping out the sternal saw (her new toy) as Benton looked on in angst. And one more great favorite: "...its like Vienna without the Viennese, DaVinci without his Mona Leez."

-- Amanda Drew (, March 01, 2000.

Just remembered one funny little storyline: Sloan School of Management (featuring that actor who was Anthony Edward's best friend in Revenge of the Nerds)

-- Larry (, March 01, 2000.

Anytime Malik has to get the bolt cutters...

-- judie (, March 01, 2000.

One of the funniest episodes is in season 5 when Carter has a beard and these to guys come in covered in glue and while Cartes working on them the one guy needs to be shocked and right when Mark yells CLEAR Carter figures out that he can't get off because his beard is stuck. *LOL*. So they have to wait while Lucy cuts Carter out.


-- Amy (, March 02, 2000.

All of the above, and any epi's featuring Morganstern- whether waxing rhapsodic about the "piano showroom on the interstate," or celebrating the Scottish "haggis;" or just before Susan left, Mark mistook her and Morganstern having an affair (and at one point Morganstern asks her to scratch his "mouche" while he is doing surgery).

-- Chris A. (, March 02, 2000.

The first three seasons had the most humorous moments but one of my very favorites occurred this very season.... when "Dr. Dave" asks Carter who the surgeon was and Carter replies, "You can call him Dr. Pete." Just the thought of anyone addressing Benton that way makes me smile.

-- maryann (, March 02, 2000.

An episode earlier this season when Elizabeth & Dr. Romano were arguing and she said "Well, I just assumed..." And he goes "Lizzy, when you ASSUME, you make an ass out of you and me!" I thought that was hilarious because I had never heard that expression before.

Also when Dr. Benton dressed up in the disco outfit for Halloween and took Elizabeth on a hayride in a convertible. Those plaid pants just killed me!

-- Melanie (, March 02, 2000.

All the ones mentioned are great!

The funniest episode for me has to be when Carter took Peter's appendix out! He was so funny! He was relishing it so much! He even took pictures.

Also, there was an episode where Carol took care of a woman who raised earth worms for a living. The worms got frozen outside, and when the lady was leaving Carol had to tell her they were dead. She was explaining it to her the way they tell people that a loved one just died! It was hilarious! Plus, the worms weren't even dead!

-- Laura (, March 03, 2000.


I think there are so many moments on ER I like. In "Be still my Heart", when Elizabeth and Mark stormed in, screaming about snowballs. I also loved Mark and Susan humming together with the drunk addict, that was hilarious! Also the whole episode "The right thing" was so funny, all those people speculating about Mark and Susans torrid affair. Mark bought a motorcycle, and Mark is complaining about were to stall it. Chuny says, thinking Mark and Susan are together: 'You could keep it at Susans place' Mark and Jerry stare to Susan, Susan turns her head to them, and they both turn their head to Chuny, who dives behind the motorcycle again. Very funny!

-- Suzey (, March 06, 2001.

IMHO, the funniest episode I've seen is the one where the ER staff had a surprise birthday party for Jerry (I don't remember which season). Dr. Weaver was yelling at Jerry for one thing or another through the entire episode. She starts in on yet another blast furnace jag, and then everyone in the ER yells "Surprise!" I just thought that was incredibly cool.

-- Meg (, May 08, 2001.

My personal fave is from this season, "Mars Attacks".

Kerry: "Dr. Chen. Let's get Mr. Kamatovic started on a flame-retardant saline and get somebody down here from the *special* *burn* unit."

This whole episode was loaded with zingers--Dave hitting on Jing-Mei, the guy who mutilated his own ear in an attempt to "Vulcan-ize" them, the whole sci-fi convention thing. I giggled tnru most of this epi...

-- Gena (, May 10, 2001.

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