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Hi Martin, I have just been contacted by a shop in Stockholm that has a developing tank for sale. Problem is (as usual) he knows nothing about it. I have read the other leads concerning this but can4t quite get the answer to a couple of questions; I4m sure the other threads would have answered this had I actually seen one of these tanks myself. Anyway her goes:

1. How many parts are detachable from the tank itself? I see the mention of spacer rings etc.. but cannot quite fathom whether these are separate, detachable pieces or not. What SHOULD be in the box, in other words, if the tank is complete? Thermometer is present.

2. He measured the height of the tank at 100mm, this being the shortest part of the tank not including the spiral, 112mm with spiral, but with spiral in screwed down position. From these measurements can you tell which tank this is, 50 or 36? I can tell you that the logo is on the side of the tank and it is an oval which contains the name MINOX in capital letters.

3. Is there a "top" to the tank or is this part of the "spiral"?

It seems like an early tank but no date is marked on the box and there is no instruction book.

Thanks again, Duncan.

-- Duncan McMorrin (, February 28, 2000


Minox Daylight Development tank

One box: inside

  1. Instruction sheet
  2. thermometer
  3. one spacer ring
  4. One development tank, which consists of
    • tank 94mm
    • spiral 107 mm, with clip and screw; spiral ended about 10mm from bottom-- not all the way to bottom.
    • cover with a spring loaded locker finger

The one you discribe looks like a 36exp version

-- martin tai (, February 28, 2000.

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