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Does anyone know the correct dev time, dullition and agg. for Tmax 100 (120) developed in Edwal TG7? The container recomends 1:7 mix for 9 min. But my negs were way over developed, then I followed the massive dev chart and used 1:15 for 12 min. and my negs were way under developed (based on zone I, V, VIII densities). Thanks, Scott

-- Scott Dorick (, February 27, 2000



I purchased some TG-7 for testing, and had two observations. the first, that the container is poorly designed and you cannot pour without spillage. and secondly, as the following note from my journal states, this stuff is hot. wasn't overly anxious to pursue further.

wishing you successful results ..

Edwal TG-7 TMax 100 (4052), 1:7,8minutes@70degress [note] overdeveloped

-- daniel taylor (, February 28, 2000.

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