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Latley, I haven't been able to get my monsters to "best" nature. My Durahan and Mocky can only seem to reach good nature. I've fed them over 30 sour jellies,but it won't change from good to best for some reason...

-- Billy (, February 27, 2000


It is also in the raising style. Make sure you praise them, punish them, and feed them what they like (except Cup Jellies). You could also try keeping their form normal and your raising style even. I don't know if form has anything to do with nature, and it probably doesn't, but I would try to keep it on normal form anyway.

-- The Man (, February 28, 2000.

-- Justice (, February 28, 2000.

I have a sure fire way: supposing you're sendingit to a set of battles, containing too easy ones, and very difficult ones. Now, when it wins the easy battles, DON'T praise it. Don't worry about it hating you, and have lowered loyalty. When it comes to a successful, difficult battle, praise it. If I guess it right, this is how the monster feels: (when you don't praise it) why doesn't my master praise me after so many successful battles? I wish he'll praise me again! (when you finally praise him) My master praises me! Oh I love you, Master! Keep doing this constantly and its nature will become 'best'!

-- Ramza Beoulve (, August 13, 2000.

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