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Betrayer and Rys Chapter 1:Bonded by blood

Betrayer looked out deeper unto the woods using his cateyes for better vision.Those village trash better be right about this place "the enigma they said dont go there",I am scared of nothing I am Betrayer the power of Chital and bravery of Gali nothing can stand in my way."Thats it Im going back to that village and Ill show them what the power of the Chital is",then all of a sudden a loud roar echod in the forest,birds hidden in the trees formed a black cloud of beaks and feathers obviously frightened by the noise."What the fuck was that? he said he quickly used his nose and ears moving them back and forth ,left to right finally about thirty seconds he found it North east Back to that old ruin alright kickass time with that in mind were he was standing the spot were he use to stand was nothing but leaves and footprints.Chitals on land are unmatched in speed to the animals of the forest he was nothing gut a yellowish blur.Using the undergrowth for cover he watched the source of the sound which was a scene of chaotic fighting.Standing still he concentrated using his cateyes he scanned closer and closer finally a good view.What he saw shocked him it was a leo fighting a squadron of dinos,leos are really rare what it was doing here puzzeld him,the Leo was clearly in bad form bleeding from countless wounds but his sword still flashing here and there cutting down dinos like they were nothing but blades of grass.From there two instincts overtook him the overwhelming urge to join the dinos and finish off the Leo and his Gali ancestry telling him to help out a creature in serious trouble a creature which stands for honour and justice,then at that same moment a large dino bit thet leo hard right near his neck the leo fell to his knees,this was too much to help others was a urge he cannot resist."Cheap little fucker eat this"he roared,with a wave of his hand he summoned a powerful bolt from the sky straight unto the Dino the power of the spell blew him to pieces,blood and gore covered the dinos comrades including the Leo.With the dinos still in shock from the unexpected attack Betrayer took his oppurtunity,he attacked in a Blur of Death he used his claws and hacked here and there cutting down dinos with hardly any effort,the ruins were litterd by already thousands of lost disks many more were added today.Even with the help of Betrayer the dinos were still strong,at this point Betrayer had already recieved wounds and it was beginning to be clear that the dinos numbers are winning the battle."How can I be so stupid I shouldnt have helped this bastard"he said to himself,then behind him a dino took a bite of his shoulder and soon followed a barrage of attacks a claw to his face and a tail to the stomach was all he could take with a high pitched screech he fell face down his blood staining the already bloody dirt."At least I havent turned to a disk yet cheap bitches at least I wont die running"he said to himself,using a bit of what was left of his strength he got up to his knees and took a look at the victors of the battle,sorounding him were dinos sneering and spitting at him savouring thier victory a large dino obviously the captain stood in front of him with his hands to hips wearing the recognizable necklace worn by all of Moos henchmen."You fool do you think you can defeat the monsters of Moo"he bellowed the dinos cheered."You will pay for killing more than half of my men but I shant do that you shall serve an even worse punishment" he continued he smiled and continued his victory speech "You shall serve Moooosssgggurgle!"he didnt even get a chance to finish his speech as the Leos sword tore his head in half immediatly turning him into a diskstone.Astonished with what has just happened the dinos backed away from Betrayer and the Leo.Betrayer looked unto the Leo's face and asked"Why I am..?,"No time for racial grudges now brave Chital aid me in sending these creatures to their rest" the Leo answered.Betrayer only nodded,both stood up and started to summon the powers of their race,the Leo's sword now filled with holy energy,Betrayer gathering the power of lightnimng into his hand.The dinos have recovered their senses and all of them a mob of pissed off teeth and claws charged with murder in their eyes,"Now brave one now"the Leo shouted,with that the powers of two hated races combined,and the roar of the Leo and roar of the Chital was heard in the forest as well as the screams of a hundred dying dinos.With the new disks sorounding them Betrayer looked unto the eyes of the Leo both bleeding,both with a little hate in thier hearts for the creature that stands in front of them,"My name...is Rys.....yours? the Leo finally said,"..........I am called Betrayer"he answered,"Why th strange name brave one? the Leo asked,"Stop with the big words your giving me a headach"Betrayer answered."I helped you you helped me we are at are last strength now another obstacle stands in our way"he said"I offer you my shoulder come with me and let us heal our wounds" with that the Leo offered his shoulder with just a small bit of hesetation he took it for he knows he wont make it without this Leos help.As the sun sets another day has passed and the endless shadoe of the night passed over the Ruins and two creatures supporting each other walk out of the forest the thought of the enigma gone,the thought of racial hatred gone both replaced by freinship bonded by blood.

If any body thought I copied Celious idea it was actually me who told Celious to come up with a story like this!

Betrayer and Rys Chapter 2: The Tiger

He glared out into the darkness knowing that something might be moved out there beyond the circle of light given by the fire. Watchful eyes measured him.A savage intelligence kept track of his every move.Casually Koer finished the rest of his dried beef and washed it off with a sip of ale.He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and reached for his katana.He stretch his arms and stood up. The wieght of the blade was hardly felt by his slim strong hands.The sword was ancient,belonging to his family for countless generations it was made by a master smith so they say.Inscribed on it were many strange runes,his father said that the sword is for decoration only for on it are not only runes but the story of the phoenix and its strugles against some dragon,so far nobody has been able to interpret it.One was for sure it was a weapon tested by both time an battle tempered by the blood of many enemies. The runes glowed with a mysterious light either from the fire or from thier own mysterious power. Suddenly to his right moved a humped shadow,thinking it was just was just a trick of the night,he ignored it and went back to admiring the weapon.But the shadow continued to advance,the creature roared the savage bitter sound echoed through the rocks. "Who...whos out there?he said nervously tensing his body,"Re...reveal yours...yourself"he contiued. Slowly the thing moved forward.It was was enourmous its yellow tusks were longer then knives and the light of the fire reflected on its many eyes making it look unearthly.It stretched its long brown body and it let out a bellow of challenge,a wierd piercing cry that shook his knees.He backed up and pointing the blade at the creature with shaking arms.He summoned all his wits and yelled"Get away get away this instant or you shall regret it".The creature just stayed there frozen unblinking as if thinkimg of what to do with this person in front him. "Shit I can die now father said I must get this to Master Pabs"he thought to himself,my death song has not been sung and....oh shit! He didnt even get a chance to say anything the monster threw itself forward with tusks spread for a chopping motion. "FFFFFFFFFFuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkk"he screamed. Not far from the unlucky traveler four smaller shapes check their territory,another one joined them. "Whats your report on the east"asked the largest one. "I have not come for that it seems Rorek has struck again"it answered. "What!stupid worm he keeps taking all the good shit"the leader bellowed"This time we kill him he has been here long enough which direction is he? he asked. "Hes near the valley we stayed I stayed away I thought twice about fighting him"the creature answered him. "Good move call the others tonight we hunt"the leader ordered. "Of course Tiger nobody refuses the Tiger of the wind"replied the tiger.

Betrayer and Rys Chapter 3: The Two Survivors

The creature accompanied by his dragon watched the Mountains with awe and wonder.His lizard like eyes sharp and ever expanding following the curves and shape of the gigantic mountains of Torles. He is Silve former servant of Moo now one of his most dangerous enemies.He is the last of the"Iron Wizards" Moos most elite and powerful magic users.Not only were they the most potent magic users but also the wisest after years of fanatical loyalty they came to thier senses and plotted Moo's defeat.

Because they knew even with thier powerful magic they knew that Moo's powers is matched only by that of the legendary phoenix.Thier futile search ended here in a very old fortress were an ancient transcript told of the bodies of the gods.It seems that there is no phoenix and so the Brotherhood concluded that the world is doomed for nothing will able to defeat Moo. When they were attemting to leave the abandoned ruin awaiting them outside was an army that belonged to Moo it seems that Moo has known of thier wereabouts and has sent one of the Big Bad Four "Pixie".In the battle that is to come the "Iron Wizards" only about a hundred in number fought the army of Pixie numbering around 3000 monsters.The Brotherhood's used thier power to its fullest but even with such powerful magic the brotherhood was doomed to the last member Silve. Back then he was the youngest of the group,Silve managed to beat the weakened army and succeeded in slaying Pixie.

The Ima and Fimba continents have long feared Moo,when he asked them for help to combat Moo they immeadiatly agreed but gave him a limited amount for concern of attracting Moo's attention.The army given to him by the two continents has helped him to rebuild the ruin into a fortress,they have excavated huge underground parts of the ruins and have came up with nothing.He believes that the phoenix is here somewhere because Moo is very intersted in this place more the reason to protect it.He has been in a lot of strain lately the continent leaders are pressuring him to act for Moos constant attacks have been costing them a lot of men he ps tell....his thoughts were suddenly interupted by a yell from a figure running towards him.

"Sir,huff huff Sir"said the young man stopped,leaned his back down,his hands on knees and panting.

Turning around slowly and facing the young man Silve observed the boy the soldier was wearing the crest and the blue grey uniform of Fimba.He was about 15 darkskinned and curly haired the shine of exitement obviously lighting up his brown eyes.

"Yes? answered Silve in a low and slightly annoyed voice."What is it?

"King Fritz army is already on the field the troops are all ready, the captains await your orders to march to the battlefield"explained the eager soldier finally catching his breath.

"Tell the captains to march I shall met them there,explain to them that to do exactly as planned....dismissed"commanded Silve.

"Yes sir"with a salute the solier turned around and sped off to follow his orders.

Silve watched the young man ran off.He felt guilty about sending young creatures to battle but with the huge army upon them and the small amount of soldiers he has no chioce but to use every man and monster given to him.He looked at his sleeping dragon and patted it softly.For the many soldiers in his army this could be the last battle for them.He turned to faced toward the mountains and gripped his staff tighly his hands sweating with nervousness this as well could be his final battle.Silve last of the Iron wizards adored the mountains they were invincible,indestructble and immortal something he wasnt.

The tall and armoured figure used his eyesight to scan and observe the opposing army just about a quarter of a mile away.The opposing army was small with Hares to the right as well as the Golems and the Humans and Jells an army easily beatable and unorganized Silve the leader is nowhere to be seen.

His name is King Fritz last king of the "Lightning Callers" Chital tribe,his tribe was completely annihilated by and army of Jokers he and his son Prince Akunde were the only survivors both prisoners of Moo.In his time of imprisonment Moo took all his pride,dignity and what was left of his courage,he tortured and as a final insult forcfully merged him with a durahan making him a "Telsa Coil"(an armoured chital with an unnatural and useually uncontrollable ability to attract electricity) this is considered a curse for a Telsa Coil is very dangerous just to be around it a sudden burst of lightning coming from it coul useually kill any monster or man.Even his own son fears his precense.

With his son as hostage he has no choice but to obey Moo this way his son is guaranted safety.Moo is strangely attracted to the ruins defended by Silve.The rentok has defeated every army Moo has sent against him.This time his Master sends him to conquer Silves army,he gave him an army twice as large as any sent before not only that but this army is all Durahans there were problems relating to the unforgiving nature of the cold in the peaks of Torles.Durahans being just made of metal are unaffected by the cold and could hardly be hurt by the patthetic weapons and attacks of Silves army.He must b wary though Silve has killed two of the Big Bad Four thru one on one battles Pixie and Naga.

Towering over all the Durahans he eyed them all,with just a glance at thier red glowing eyes King Fritz could read thier thoughts,the though of battle and blood is in thier minds.

He stretched his arms his armour creaking from the movement he sighed unlike his soldiers he did not like the thought of slaughter but he must protect his son that was all that mattered.

"All right you rustbuckets heres the moment youve been waiting for"he bellowed loudly."CCCCCHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGEEEEEEEE".

Meanwhile on the other side of the battle field all is quiet except the continiuos tapping of a Hares mighty feet.Jun the Hare captain was worried the enemy is already anticipating a charge and Silve was nowhere to be found.He turned his head to the right and shouted to his fellow captain Golem.

"Hey,hey Golem where in all the hells is Silve last time I checked he was the leader wasnt it?

Golem turned his head and replied in the deep,croaky voice that belongs to all Golems."This is no time to joke Jun the enemy is upon us....as for Silve he seems to have disappeared....just follow his plan"

Jun put his hands on his hips and continued to tap his right feet. "This is crazy you know those fuckers outnumber us 4 to 1 fighting them outright will get us all killed I bet.."

"They have not failed us before"interupted the Golem Captain.

"We were obviously lucky now that its that King Fritz guy I dont know? I heard that he once destroyed a whole city for Moo by himself goddamn thats goo..." continued the hare leader.

Putting his large hand on his forehead to get a better view of the invaders."I see movement Hare check it out"again interrupted Jun.

"Sure why not"Jun replied."Holy shit thier charging where the fuck is Silve"screamed Jun hysterical and slightly exited.

Golem unerved and unafraid let out a roar to motivate his comrades.All his fellow Golems howled in unison. The battle cries of the other creatures was also heard the Jells were second.


Then the humans .


Then the hares.

Lets kick thier mutha fuckin bitch ass suckin butts YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

With thier battle cries sung they were ready,for today if they lost thier lives wouldnt matter for Moo will have no more opposition as powerful as Silve.All of a sudden a warcry well known as that of the Chital tribes was getting closer and eventually overwhelmed the the other battlecries.

Above a craggy cliff over looking the two armies Silve is summoning all his magical knowledge and preparing a spell.His eyes glowed a strange eerie glow,his cape flowing around him and his Orb is sucking up so much magical energy that it seems like it will shatter.

King Fritz was almost upon the enemy the rest of his army struggling to keep up, he has to challenge the Silve this way his troops will surrender.But he was nowwhere to be seen all that stand he found himself confronting the Golems of the enemy he jumed in the air and pounced on the very first one the attack was so powerful that it knocked down the brute and he fell on his comrades behind him and also taking them down.

Then the battle got ugly as the Durahans had reached the enemy.The group to his left got there first and started to immeadiatly hack on the hares many fell from the charge and turned into diskstones but the hares fought back with thier captain leading them they used thier they kicked and punched thier hearts out bending and also killing many Durahans.

The humans werent so fortunate as the swords of the Durahans easily hacked thru thier light armour soldiers fell bloody and many dismembered.Half of the Jells joined in to help the humans with that extra help the human morale came up again. The remaining Jells formed themselves into cannons and started to pound through the Durahan ranks turning hundreds into lost disks.It seems with the Jells Silvas army seems to be winning.

Then reality checked in King Fritz summoned lightning and killed half the Golem section ,a large number of hares and a combination of Humans and Jells.

The Durahans were enjoying thier numbers suddenly overwhelmed Silvas army their battle formation turned into a circle as the Durahans sorounded them and King Fritz managed to squeeze inside thier protective cirdcle and started to rip whats left of thier ranks. In each of thier minds it was the same thought were is Silve?.

Silve had watched the battlee take place and has gathered enough energy to unleash a spell.He waved his staff in the air and pointed it directly at the the two battling armies.And howled one word "LLLllIIIIIGGGGTTTTTHHHHNNNNNIIIIINNNNNG!" with that a huge and immensly powerful bolt of lightning coming from the sky bounced from his staff to the two armies locked in combat.

King Fritz was relieved the enemy is slowing down thier numbers are winning the battle.All of a sudden he heard a large and booming crack and a powerful bolt of lihgtning struck him.The bolt was not powerful enough to comepletly destroy the army but the metal properties of the Durahans and King Fritz allowed the bolt to spread and connect to every Durahan and not touching any of Silvas army.

After the incredible display of lights Jun looked around the battlefield they were before sorounded by Durahans now they were all sorounded by lost Disks.The smell of victory was in the air and all the warcries turned into victory songs.




After the battle Silve flew down and checked on the one and only enemy that was captured. "So King Fritz what do you think we should do with you? said Silve amused at the fact that he won another huge victory.

King Fritz did not even hear what Silve was saying all he could think about was his son because of his defeat it could mean both thier deaths"No"he thought"I must return to Moo...Akunde".With all his strength he snapped his chains like threads and ran pushing away all that got in his wayhe ran and he ran as fast as his tired legs could carry him.

"Sir,Sir King Fritz has gotten away what are we going to do should we chase him down?asked Jun. "You can try but you will never chase down a Chital,leave him be he is more confused than you think we have better things to do to heal our wounded and give our proper respects to our dead"answered Silve.

"Yes sir" he said the hare captain saluted and ran off to help his wounded soldiers.

Silve first looked at the human casualties for unlike monsters they didnt turn into lost disks.They were many of them but what catched his eye was a human casualty a young man about 15 in a bloodied FIMBA uniform he was dark skinned and curly haired,his eyes open looking at nothing.He closed the boys eyes this time not filled with the light exitement but with the darkness of death.

Holyshit that was tiring.

I dedicate this to Bloodshed for Silve,Fritz 7 for the idea of King Fritz,and to Jelltrainer who I never got to thank for saving my stories(note I even used jells for good guys).Thank you and good night!

This was originaly done By Eagle Fierce in B Cambell site so thanks to Eagle.

-- stupid (Twopacliveson@hotmail.com), February 27, 2000


-- stupid (twopacliveson@hotmail.com), February 27, 2000.

-- stupid (twopacliveson@hotmail.com), February 27, 2000.

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