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Hi, I have an Icelandic who is extremely fearful of people, due to mishandling in his past. I've been working with him for over a year, just building his trust in me. Lately I've been wondering if he might have a vision problem. He is much calmer when we work in his (darker) stall, than when we work outside in the sunshine. The other day I put a fly mask on him and could really notice the difference in his attitude. He was much less fearful and jittery. Does this sound like a symptom of ASD? Does anybody have any similar stories or helpful hints? Thanks very much!

-- Nicki Rosa (, February 27, 2000


Hi Nicki: I went through a similar story (7 years of rehab) with a Peruvian Paso. This does not sound like ASD per se, Although it could be a visual problem. I asked my vet to check my Paso's eyes several times and they always appeared normal to her. But his nervousness was always one sided. It you horse more skittish on one side? Despite all the vet exams, after about 3 years my horse went totally blind in one eye. I had the Purdue University vet op's look at him and they said it was probably due to a past trauma to the head. So it may be a combination of things like mine was. A disgusting piece of human filth had beat my Paso on the head to "calm him down" which made him a terrified wreck, which led to more beatings, which led to blindness. The only way to know for sure it you are dealing with ASD or any kind of visual problem, is to have a VET OP do the exam. The eyes will need to be dialiated to really see in there. Hope this helps some, Cheryl P.S. He probably is calmer in his stall because it is his safe area...his security blanket, rather than the sunlight. Although some horses, like people, are very sensitive to bright light.

-- Cheryl Glancy (, February 28, 2000.

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