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Someone nuke knowledgable please read and comment on ramifications, if any?

Ukraine: Reactor reconnected to energy grid at Khmelnytskyy nuclear power plant

Source: BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union - Political

Publication date: Feb 26, 2000

Text of report by Ukrainian news agency UNIAN

Kiev, 26th February: The No 1 generating set of the Khmelnytskyynuclear power plant was reconnected to the energy grid at 0351[0151 gmt] today after a fault in the reactor's emergency halt system had been repaired, UNIAN learnt at the information centreof the Ukrainian State Nuclear Control Administration.

The fault was detected during a planned halt of the reactor for testing. This morning the reactor's output was raised to 730 MW(73 per cent of the maximum level). The raising of the reactor'soutput is continuing.

The energy system control agency has not agreed to stop the No 6 reactor at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant for repairs and fuel reloading due to lack of electricity in the country. Since the beginning of February the No 6 reactor has been burning off its nuclear fuel, which has caused a decrease in the reactor's output (today its output is 70 per cent of the maximum level).The control agency said that the reactor may continue workingfor 10-14 more days. It is planned to decrease down to 70 per cent the output of the No 3 generating set at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant forsix hours tonight because the settings of powerful equipmentwill be switched at that time. A corresponding request has beensent to the energy system control agency.

Publication date: Feb 26, 2000 ) 2000, NewsReal, Inc.

-- Carl Jenkins (, February 27, 2000

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