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I know it's impossible for Lucy to live on since Kellie Martin has indeed left the show...I wish she would film additional episodes for flashbacks or intimate moments we missed (behind the ER scenes) with Carter, Kerry etc. Things the others remember that we never saw...that would be wonderful. But, I was so impressed with the depth and subtle nuances that the actress playing her mother brought to the screen...I'd love to see her as a regular on the show. One can see the similarities between mother and daughter. Perhaps Carter develops a relationship with her mother...not sexual mind you but real and meaningful...a kind of emotional closure for him...Lucy lives on...and Carter changes...One can only imagine the changes he is yet to go through having lived through this trauma, and seeing Lucy alive on the floor yet never having any time or closure before her death. I think Lucy's mother could be a catalyst for change for Carter...sign her on. Thoughts anyone? Lucy

-- Ann (, February 26, 2000


I agree with you Ann. I want closure too. I was watching "The Others" tonight and I was thinking - they (ER and The Others) are on the same network, so why not do a cross over? ;) The girl who sees ghosts (I forget her name) can come to the ER and discover Lucy's ghost lingering around. And she helps Carter appologize to Lucy and say good-bye. And for Lucy to tell Carter that she's all right where ever she is and help her "move on". One can only dream.... *sigh* :)

-- Shauna (, February 27, 2000.

Dr. Anspaugh was on the Others. I only fsaw a few minutes, but he was playing the blind character.

-- CBK (, February 27, 2000.

I just watched a copy of the episode "The Good Fight" and there are so many scenes in there that could be used as flashbacks for Carter. Go back and watch it if you have a copy. It's not a sexual relationshio that they have in that show but more of a friendship and admiration of each others's talents. The scene at the end on the roof would be killer as a flashback. And the scene when the two of them are ordering food from the guy is great. It's not like Lucy couldn't hold her own when she made up her mind. If her character had grown from that point along the lines that she was showing to us in that episode, who knows what may have happened. She and Carter made a great pair. Just when one of the would want to quit, the other would urge them on. It was a great Lucy/Carter show.

-- joan (, February 27, 2000.

I understand, and agree with what you're saying Joan.

-- Shauna (, February 27, 2000.

these are all great ideas that i would love to see on the show, i wish the writers would read this discussion board!

-- Alexis (, February 27, 2000.

I wish people would update this question board.

-- Kim (, March 19, 2001.

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