Switzerland - site discontinues business news reports, 1/1/00

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Finding it impossible to get Y2k news about Switzerland, although this caught my attention....

Note to our readers

As of 1 January 2000 "NZZ Swiss Business Abstracts" has been discontinued.

Source: Neue Z|rcher Zeitung (NZZ), Switzerland


For the record, here's a Swiss economy update:

Swiss Week in Review

14 to 20 February 2000

1999 Federal Budget Closed Better than Expected

Finance Minister Kaspar Villiger had every reason to beam on Wednesday, when he announced that the federal budget for 1999 had closed with a deficit of only 2.7 billion francs instead of the 3.9 billion which had been budgeted for. A budget deficit of 1.8 billion francs is projected for the current year. But the continuing economic upswing holds promise of higher than anticipated government revenues.


-- Lee Maloney (leemaloney@hotmail.com), February 26, 2000

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