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I would like to correspond with anyone living in AK about job opportunities, good areas for relocation & general day to day living. Presently living in NY state & will answer any questions about my area. I enjoy gardening, animals, hiking, photography & many Countryside topics. I consider Carhartt clothing {preferably 2nd-hand} the epitome of high fashion & read such illustrious authors as Logsdon, Vivian, Belanger, & Berry. Sound cool? Let's talk.

-- Susan (, February 26, 2000


I'm not sure where on N. Y. you live but we have lived in the Northern Catskills,Long Island and around Boonville. In Alaska we have lived in the Palmer area, Around Delta ib the interior, in Valdez and at Kenny lake in the Copper Basin. Our homestead is at Kenny Lake about 85 miles from Valdez where we work. Valdez is costal and has snowy winters and cool wet summers. I work at a fish hatchery and my wife works for a car rental. Day to day when we are in town is similar to any small town. Jobs are scarce at Kenny lake so we need to pay off some debt before we could move home permanently. We have a very successful garden, are building our own home etc. The copper basin is warm in summer and cold in winter (occasional -50). Land is avalible mostly for $2000 per acre or so in smallish parcels. There are some land use conflicts with natives and the park service. Delta tends to be significantly colder in winter but warm in summer. There is a fairly large agricultural development. Jobs are scarse especially since the army closed the base there. We lived in Palmer area in the early seventies before the oil Boom. The climate is moderate but there are lots of people and a six lane to Anchorage which has half the population of the state. Of cource jobs are more plentiful there. Come for a visit. If you plan a move be sure you have a way of going back if things dont work out and enough to live on while you look for a job. The cost of living can be quiet high in some places. We tend to buy bulk at the costsc warehouse in Anchorage (300 miles from Valdez). Good luck. By the way the e-mail address is at my father in laws so if you reply be sure to mart it for Howard or Sue.

-- Howard and Susan Brewi (, March 03, 2000.

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