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Okay, what EXACTLY was Luka's life-changing experience? The preview last week made it sound like it would be a dramatic Luka-show (like the Peter Benton one last season in the South) but I didn't think anything "defining" happened to Luka. It's not like he wasn't devoted to his patients before--he's always very involved. Remember the case of the young wife who may have been abused by her husband? Luka practically got in a fight with the husband--it reminded me of his tussle with the hit-and-run driver in "Be Patient."

-- Diane (, February 26, 2000


I know. What is with these misleading ads? I was glad to see that the story was very focused on my favorite characters (Carol, Mark), but it's nice to know somewhat the general idea. That storyline with Luka was minor compared with some of the others, though the ads made it look like a very character-defining episode.

-- Leigh (, February 26, 2000.

Good point about Luka's two confrontations with wrong-doers. He is very sensitive about women and children. He is so calm and nice, but really seems to have the potential to get very upset- I wonder if he would ever cross the line? He seems so together for someone whose family was killed such a short time ago, I like these glimpses we see into his temper and pain. I wonder if he left Croatia and was planning to bring them but the war began before he could, so he feels as though he abandoned them?

-- May Archer (, February 29, 2000.

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