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Did anyone else think Elizabeth's outfit at the bowling alley was hilarious? It was so not her type--she looked like she was pretending to be a skater teenager. I pointed and laughed, but I must say she is so cute when she bowls. She always seems to be having such a good time and she's such a good sport when she's out with Mark and his dad. She's great and it seems as if the show is prepping her to take Carol's place as "lead female" (aside from Kerrie, I mean).

-- Diane (, February 26, 2000


I'd have to disagree with ya on this one. The first thing I thought was she looked very comfortable and relaxed in the outfit. She's my favorite character on the show and it's great to see how diverse her character is. And I've always thought that her character overshadowed Carol in any scene (okay, not the one where Carol had the twins) so I do hope she's taking over Carol's place :)

-- Joy (, February 26, 2000.

i totally disagree.. um ok first of all she looks adorable in that outfit..second she has the body to wear what she wants... she like all ties together... i will agree with you she did look cute bowling is started laughing!

-- rachel (, February 26, 2000.

I think she and Kerry will be like Mark and Carter- both at the top, one being lead but the other very close. I agree that she oversahdows Carol- she really Performs and has so much presence, but then Kerry has buckets of presence. I've always really enjoyed Carol, but I Admire Elizabeth, and I like that the two female leads will be so extremely strong. She is a true sport- bowling, raquetball, tangoing :D, she can do, and wear anything.

-- May Archer (, February 29, 2000.

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