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The gas continues to ooze out of as Wall Street took another shot today. Here are the numbers, compiled from Yahoo.

Dow: 9862.12 DOWN 230.51

Nasdaq: 4590.50 DOWN 27.15

S&P 500: 1333.36 DOWN 20.07

At this rate, a 7,500 Dow looks likely by mid April.

-- Irving (, February 25, 2000


And I took a serious hit by my Silver Futures Contracts position today! OUCH!!!

Thank God it's only money...

-- Joseph Almond (, February 25, 2000.

This morning I experienced a weird premonition that the DOW would close below 10,000. Last night I was reading posts by bears and bulls on selected bear fora and noticed MOST of the bears were not convinced that the DOW would close below 10,000. I thought to myself that they weren't aware of the historic potential downturn today.

I told people at the factory; some were interested, others were worn out by my constant crash warnings, but at the final tally, they were ALL surprised at the low DOW close.

Were you?

-- dinosaur (, February 25, 2000.

When the recession begins, and a little later, after the economic collapse, turns into a worldwide depression, folks like Flint will be here to assure us that our fate had nothing to do with Y2K.

It was never about just Y2K, Flint.

-- (@ .), February 25, 2000.

It looks like they've continued to fall after-hours also (especially the Nasdaq.

Live After- hours Quotes

-- Susie (, February 25, 2000.

Don't worry about Flint. He's prepared. Worry about the mocking idiots who will be banging on your front door for free handouts...

-- dinosaur (, February 25, 2000.

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