A Word Of Warning.. Hackers Are Out There!

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Hi All,

Glad To See That All Are Getting along now as we have had problems in the past!

Just a word of warning.

CHANGE the name of your files Most inportant is the admin file.

We were stupid and left them at the origional names and Guess what We had a bunch of really Cool Items added to our On-line catalog.

This is an easy problem to fix and that god Our problem wasn't any worse, but Trust me, If you still have your files named as they always were You WILL get hacked sooner or later! My Guess is sooner. and they may destroy the endless hours of work that you have put in!

Here's how I fixed the problem.

Change your admin file name and change the path to it in the .cfg file..

I think you would be better off changing all file names, but if you make your admin file a name that is Odd and hard to figure out it will make hacking it a lot harder!

Thanks and good luck to all


-- Greg (autographs@combase.com), February 25, 2000


Agree. I did the same to my cart as well.

-- Patrick Chan (patrickccf@hotmail.com), February 27, 2000.

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