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I remember having the same feeling of disappointment with the episode after Mark's attack. Then, we saw it later episodes how much it really afftected him. I think the same may be able to be said about Lucy's death, and its effect on the ER staff - especially Carter. It really would've been nice to have more than a short reference to the memorial service though; but I think a bit of a break from the intensity of the last two episodes was needed somewhat.

Loved the actress who played Lucy's mom - she did a phenomenal job. Did anyone else notice how much she looked like Lucy (posture, facial expression) when Carter first saw her? It looked like he knew who she was as soon as he saw her -- very well done in my opinion.

I'm still a tad disappointed by the emotional letdown, but look forward to finding out what happens in future eps.

Michelle W.

-- Michelle W. (, February 25, 2000


yes, I loved Lucy's mom, I was so relieved that she came in to thank Carter and not to ask questions and blame. She was so sweet, like Lucy. I loved her scene with Carter. The more I think about it, the more I think I like Carter's response to all of this. He seems very confused and quiet, not at all like he usually is, but he is still incredibly polite and listens. Every word he said to Lucy's mom was thoughtfully said, as if he was picking what he was going to say very carefully. Carter is such a realistic character, he's great.

-- Elaine (, February 25, 2000.

I enjoyed the show on 2-17 and I enjoyed the show this week too. So many people want to stay with the doom and gloom. What? An hour show of the funeral service? If you can read between the lines, so many times the writers say more about a situation by the interactions of the characters than by actually showing the scene actually happening. Deb is trying to help out with patients, Benton has his mind on Carter's recovery during his date, Lucy's mother brings out some of the pain and guilt that Carter is feeling. But lets not only concentrate on feelings for what they are worth

-- joan (, February 26, 2000.

I agree that they should have made more of a reference to Lucy in the last episode. But maybe this won't really be 'dropped' from all future storylines, we will see the aftermath of this for a long time. Something is definately happening with Carter. When I first saw him in his wheelchair I couldn't believe how awful he looked. Not just like he needed a shower and shave, but he looked like he was so unhappy and stressed. And it seemed like he was constantly trying not to cry. Like when Deb was there and when he talked to Lucy's mom. Remember how he told Deb that people throughout the hospitol dropped by to see him all day? He didn't sound too happy about it. It's like he just needs some time alone to let it out and he can't get it. He is going to break down! Andrea

-- Andrea Pearson (, February 28, 2000.

I also noticed how the actress that played Lucy's mom looked and acted so much like her! It was incredible. I actually thought she might be Kellie Martin's mother in real life. Does anyone know if it was luck that they got her, or did someone already know how perfect she was? In other words, did she simply audition, or did they call her up and say, "Hey, you look and act like Lucy, please come play this part."?

-- kristal (, March 03, 2000.

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