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For anyone who saw ER on Rosey, when Noah and Rosey were talking about Carter's recovery, Noah said that he would be in crutches for 2 episodes, a caine for (I think) 1 episode, and after that "all hell would break loose". Then he kept talking, but the show put the theme music on really loud and said (at the bottom of the screen) that it was an ER secret and that they couldn't tell, but when Noah was done Rosey said "ohhh-that'll be really good!". Any ideas on what he was talking about? Its driving me crazy!!!! Thanks for anyone wih ideas!!


-- Amelia (, February 25, 2000


It's bugging me too! All I cought after the "all hell will break loose", was that there'll be a big episode after that - it's too hard to read his lips but I thought I heard him say "guy" or "cry". So maybe Carter confonts Paul? He completely looses it? I *so* wish that they had mentioned something more about Kellie Martin/Lucy.

-- Shauna (, February 25, 2000.

Anyone read lips or know someone who does that they could loop into telling them what was said?, I taped it and I will be sure to try again later so we will see.

It seem's that Carter will be back to his old tricks after (I'd say) another 4 or 5 episodes cause when Michael and Rosie were playing B- Ball you could see him in the background watching in his usual dress pants, shirt and suspenders.

-- Anna (, February 25, 2000.

I bet you that Noah didnt really give away any info because he knows he cant. I bet it was staged just to make us wonder what he said. But i would be interested to know what some lip readers think.

-- Alissa (, February 25, 2000.


I wish Kellie Martin had been mentioned too, she JUST left, and I know Rosie has had interviews with her...Kellie Martin is the type of person I think Rosie would like...very friendly personality (not that I know personally, but you can tell). She asked EVERYONE how they wanted Carol to leave (most likely to hype up George Clooney's hopeful return) but she could have at least had people say a little "good luck, we'll miss you Kellie" type thing. Maybe that's asking a lot.

-- Elaine (, February 25, 2000.

I got the impression that this Rosie show was filmed before the last few episodes of ER aired on TV. Because in one scene, Rosie was asking somebody (I think Eriq or Noah) "So, is this where you bring Lucy and Carter after they are stabbed?" And I think they were in the ICU room on the set and somebody said "Shh, you're not supposed to tell." or something like that. Also, in that brief shot where Carter was standing outside wearing a white coat and shirt, it looked like the same stuff he was wearing in the eppy where he was stabbed. Anyway, it's just a thought. And I bet Noah didn't really tell any secrets either, because when Rosie asked Goran whether his character and Carol would get together, he said he couldn't tell.

-- Mel (, February 26, 2000.

O.k. I do read lips and I'll tell you exactly what he said! He said that his character does completly lose it over Lucy and he breaks down and weeps like a baby over the loss, then hunts down the killer and beats him within an inch of his life. Well, I don't really read lips, but hey, it COULD happen!! :)

-- Danette (, February 26, 2000.

Hey everyone.

Did anyone tape rosie that lives in Ontario, Canada? I would REALLY like to see it, and it would be great if someone lived pretty close to me. I would pay! I was pretty disappointed with this weeks episode .... I wanted more Carter! And I think everyone else should be more effected by the whole thing ... Weaver was really breaking down last week. Anywho, I just want a copy of that tape. E-mail me if you have one! Thanx.

-- Sam Green (, February 26, 2000.

I have almost every episode of er on tape and I would really like to see the Rosie tape. Would anyone be willing to make a trade. E-mail me if you would... thanx

-- joan (, February 26, 2000.

I agree with Mel.It seemed like they were filming,or had just finished filming one of the last few episodes that we've seen,because I also saw Noah Wylie in what appeared to be the same clothes he was wearing in "Be Still my Heart",and I'm not sure,but in one of the shots where Rosie is talking to Noah,I thought that I saw David Kremholz(paul Sobriki),in the background.Not positive though.

-- Barbara (, February 26, 2000.

The Rosie episode was taped sometime last week when she went to LA for to host the Grammy's (which were Feb 23). So the Lucy epi had already aired.

-- amanda (, February 27, 2000.

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