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I think that there will have to be a scene in a future epi where Carter "loses it" and either blows up or breaks down and cries hysterically, possibly both. He is holding back and it is seeping out in his frustrating moments of manuevering his wheelchair, walking the halls with the walker, having others offer to help him into bed. He hints at his (emotional) pain when he talks to Benton about lying to Lucys mom. (which btw i agree with, what good would it do for her to know how Lucy suffered?) I think this will have to happen before he starts to recover from the impact of his attack but most especially Lucy's death and his guilt in part. He will never be the same doctor or person after this.

-- Sandy VH (, February 25, 2000


On Rosie today, she went behind the scenes with the cast of ER. Noah mentioned that he will have cruches for two episodes, a cane for one and then all heck will break loose.

-- Christie (, February 25, 2000.

Ive been reading several posts about the reactions to Lucy's death. It seems so wierd to me that we all WANT to see a lot of misery and suffering. We WANT everone to greive and go through traumatic breakdowns in front of our eyes. We especially want Carter to struggle and suffer for as long as possible. Why do we want to see this? I think humans love to be in misery. Why else would we eat up every piece of news about Columbine, Princess Di, JonBenet etc... I bet everyone here can tell me what Charles Manson or Jeffery Dahlmer did, but try telling me some of the accomplishments Roosavelt. I don't know. I am part of the club though, I'm not pointing any fingers.

-- Andrea (, February 29, 2000.

Andrea, I was in a Psych. class a couple of years ago, and it is true that people just eat that up when they see people suffering. My prof. gave the class some psychological reason and there is some name for it, but I can't quite remember right now. It is sad, but true. Better off dwelling on the suffering issues with Carter, since it is only fiction and not on the real life traumas (sp?)

-- Paula (, February 29, 2000.

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