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DOWNLOAD a FREE checks by email payment option for S-mart at: HOST-HERE CHECKER PAYMENT ENGINE:

You can see a demonstration of the engine at work at our HOST-HERE SECURE SMART-STORE DEMO:

This is brain dead easy to install. There is a readme. Install it COMPLETELY on your secure(SSL) server.

We have been taking checks this way at for over two years and our customers love it. The bank has never balked once and we have never received a bad check once.

Also, it makes a great STAND ALONE payment option. We use it to collect money from deadbeat customers.

Please remember this is FREE. For Zit! Don't email me for alot of support. Look at our demp store and figure it out.

Also, if you don't have an SSL server, we can setup a payment engine on ours for a small fee.

-- Gregory Swofford (, February 25, 2000


: )

-- Patrick Chan (, February 27, 2000.

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