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I purchased an item from NKP Cars (Cincinnati, OH) and the guy I contacted said that he may be working with the society to produce flat end observation cars for both roads. I will say their quality is very good.I built their B&O flat end, was a challenge but came out beautifully.

I beleive it is a project worth pursuing, and will gladly purchase two (one each road).

If not with NKP, how about another manufacturer like Union Station Products?

Let me know what is going on with that project; in the meantime I need to renew my membership to the society.

John Klauber

-- John B. Klauber (, February 25, 2000


John - It's true that we've had some discussions with NKP about a flat-end obs. We are stocking their current-production sides for several ACL-prototype Pullman Standard cars, and they are well done.

How many others out there would want the flat-end obs?

To renew your membership, just send a check or charge card info to us at P. O. Box 325, Valrico, FL 33595-0325. Current rates are $19 one year, $35 two years; on April 1, we are going up to $24 one year, $42 two years, so this is a good time to renew.

Thanks for your interest.

-- Larry Goolsby (, February 25, 2000.

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