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I need to calculate shipping by "number of items" with a "standard" rate and a "priority" rate. Is this done with multipshipping? Thanks for any help.


-- Bill Brandt (, February 25, 2000


I have come up with a partial solution. I needed to compute a "standard" rate for the first item purchased and then add $1.00 for each subsequent item purchased. I also have a "priority" rate with the same scenario.

I added this line before multishipping $shipsub= ($itemquant*1.00);

Then in multishipping I changed the line if ($usership eq $ships[0]) { print "selected "; $totalprice+=$ships[2];}

to if ($usership eq $ships[0]) { print "selected "; $totalprice+=$ships[2]+$shipsub;}

This does the shipping computation I needed with no problem, but shipping is not printing in the shipping row on the page. I also anticipate problems sending it to the E-mail. If someone out there has an idea, I would appreciate. Thanks for all the help on this forum. I have been able to come up with a lot of solutions by reading other people's problems.


-- Bill (, February 26, 2000.

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