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Another Y2K glitch on Tuesday

Yet another in the series of Year 2000 (Y2K) computer problems will occur on Tuesday February 29, computer experts said yesterday.

They said that some computers and systems may not recognise year 2000 as a leap year and will erroneously mistake the last day of February as March 1.

"This may have a significant impact on date and time critical operations manned by computers," National Y2K Co-ordinator, B. R. O. Fernando told The Island.

He said that February 29 will be a minor glitch compared to the millennium problem.

"All computers which were fixed to handle the Y2K date changes will have no problems on Tuesday," he said.

The Council for Information Technology (CINTEC) said "if anyone is using an old software programme with the leap year date omitted, what could occur will be that 01-03-00 will appear after 28-02-00, which will be a date change only. So any major problem or hiccup as was envisaged with the rollover from 31-12-1999 to 01-01-2000 will not occur in automated computer systems and embedded systems.

"We expect no problem will surface on leap year day and business will be as usual." Y2K glitch on Tuesday

-- Martin Thompson (, February 25, 2000

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