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Comments on what I loved in "Be Patient." For some reason I loved how she was leaning against the window talked with David, and her playfulness at the bowling alley. She seemed so much younger.

And I absolutely LOVED any of the Carter scenes, but esp. the ones with Benton. Those made the whole night for me, to see how far they have come, esp. since they have not had much interaction since Carter left surgery. The writers need to keep that. I also appreciated the mention of Morganstern.

And great match of an actress for Lucy's mom! Whatta resemblance!

-- Larry (, February 25, 2000


Yes, what a resemblance! We sat straight up when Lucy's mother walked into the E.R. and knew immediately who she was. Tremendous job of look-alike casting!

-- Chessie King (, February 25, 2000.

I thought that Lizzie did a great job last night. The irony of her reaction to the shock of her mother and David Greene was priceless-- shades of Rachel Greene at Thanksgiving dinner I think! And I thought it was terrific that when Mark when to look at the films that all that was said was "That's your Dad. Sorry, Mark."--great and understated (and without telling us right then what the films actually said). Then the scene at the end with Mark and his dad. It was so perfectly written Mark because his response after his dad said he was scared should have been "me too" but as with so many important moments in Mark's life, words fail him. I'm sorry to see another tragedy for Mark, but I think the story line will further develop his character. And David Greene is a delightful addition to the show on a temporary basis.

-- Elizabeth Roe (, February 25, 2000.

I just wanted to add about the scene w/ the chest films--Dr. Flint!Yay!! He should be in every epi!

-- (, February 25, 2000.

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