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The look on Carter's face after talking with Deb in his hospital room seemed like genuine feelings for Lucy. The reason I say this is because Carter doesn't seem like the macho type who is unwilling to ask for pain medication if he needs it. Look at last weeks episode. After his surgery he complains to Peter about his back hurting. He never asked for morphine but he had no reservations about letting Peter know he was in pain. If Carter were actually in pain, wincing, and not feeling something for Lucy (whose memorial service he had just finished asking about)I don't think he would have had a problem letting Deb or someone else know about it. I too was disappointed that Lucy's murder seemed to be blown off by everyone (especially Carol's reaction or lack thereof). I hope that these few moments of Carter alone and with Lucy's mother were not end of Carter's emtional dealings with this. Your Thoughts?

-- BD (, February 25, 2000


I stated this in another post as well...I think once Carter gets back to work in the ER that we will see some more emotion from him. I think it has still not totally sunk in about what happened and once he gets backs in the flow of things he will realize even more that Lucy is gone and his roll in it. I think we got a hint last night about how much turmoil he is in.

-- amanda (, February 25, 2000.

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