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  1. How did you discover Minox camera ?
  2. How many Minox camera you have ?
  3. What is your favourite Minox ?
  4. How do you use your Minox ?
    • At travel
    • Leisure
    • work
  5. Where and how do you process your film ?
  6. etc

    -- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), February 25, 2000



1. Bumped into the Minox family poster it at my Leica dealer mid last year and after some reading and digging around the net; found Sub-Club... bought one from Igor Camera and won a bid for one at e-Bay and the rest is history.

2. A Minox IIIs and a Minox B.

3, IIIs (it's smaller and also the the viewer is not cloudy) The B's viewer is cloudy and with a bluer tint.

4. I made a belt-case from PVC and the Minox (either the IIIs or the B) is with me whenever/wherever I go, so I pretty much snap anything I fancy.

5. Shoots mainly B+W and experimenting with various ASA speeds. I got a Minox dev. tank. So far, I've managed to get 4 colour rolls developed but the "Minox dealer/photo-lab" broke my cannisters! so that's the last shop I'd go to for processing. I'm "talking" to my regular photo-lab people and they are willing to try to process the films for me. I need to work out a way for the 8x11 film to get into the processor. I figured it how-to but have done it yet. That's another story which I'll let all know how it goes.

5. Need to acquire a decent film scanner when the pocket allows. I've got rolls of developed film but no prints so

-- C P Wong (cpwong@w3xs.com), February 25, 2000.

1.How did you discover Minox camera? I was 13 and friends with an old collector, my eyes lit up when I was rummaging through one of his boxes. I have been hooked ever since! 2.How many Minox camera you have? I have 2, a B (my every-day camera) and an EC 3.What is your favourite Minox? IIIs, becuase its the smallest, and since I have been using the meter on the B for so long, I don't think that I need it anymore, I just haven't found the "right" IIIs yet. 4.How do you use your Minox ? I keep it in a leather pocket knife holder on my belt, I carry it every day. At travel For the last few trips I have taken, I don'y carry my 35mm setup unless it something really tricky and impressive to shoot, I decided that my philosophy should be reversed, instead of travelling to photograph, I should photograph when I travel, the minox is the only way to do this! Leisure All the time, I just take pictures for fun, the best part is that the minox is so unobtrusive that half the subjects don't know they are getting there picture taken! Its a nice way to shoot, becuase most people get uptight or try and pose whenever there is a camera around, if they don't see it, they don't know. work Well, lets just say that I use the camera alot at work *-) 5.Where and how do you process your film ? Submini.com

6.etc I really like fine grain films for outdoor, the best color film I have found is Konica impressa 50. I shoot it at 25, the stuff is just outrageously good. It reminds me alot of techpan in B+W I also love this film for night shots, I set it up on a tripod and go eat something and come back, but the negs always come out gorgeous

I also like ilford XP2 super, its great stuff. It can be shot anywhere from 25-800 asa on the SAME roll! Its process c-41 though, but the grain at the lower speeds is fantastic, and when you NEED to get a shot off indoors with no flash, go ahead and shoot at 800, the pic is still pretty good

-- George Maltezos (george@maltezos.com), February 27, 2000.

1. (A) Back in the 60s, when I was 12, my parents were pros and we got all the photo mags, so I know about Minoxes. Since it was the height of the James Bond/Man From U.N.C.L.E./Our Man Flint/etc. spy craze, I asked for one for my bar mitzvah gift, and ended up with a Minox B that I kept for two years. I eventually lost interest and traded up for a super-small 35mm (a Petri Color 35, a fabulous shooter!), but we kept the developing tank and negative carrier because I knew I'd get another Minox someday.

1. (B) In 1995, when I turned 40, I looked around for something to reconnect me to my lost youth and provide a much-needed creative outlet. A friend at work showed me his Minox and I suddenly remembered that I had always wanted another (plus my parents still have a darkroom and the old equipment). So I got a IIIS ('cause it was the smallest and most challenging) and haven't looked back.

2. I just have the IIIS now, but I'd like to get a B, and maybe a C, one of these days. Perhaps an EC for one of my kids or wife too.

3. One I'll almost certainly never be able to afford - the BL! A B with a better meter, no losing frames if you advance without shooting, etc. Very cool.

4. Not much at work (aside from the occasional portrait or coverage of some lunch or party), but basically all the rest of the time.

5. In my parents' darkroom, in my old 50-exp Minox Daylight Developing Tank. I use only 100-speed films (mostly TMX, APX 100, and PX) because it makes estimating exposure easier, and typically develop in D-76 1:1 (though I've also used Microdol-X 1:3 and XTOL 1:1 with pretty good results). Of the negs I end up printing, I make about 70% 4x5 prints and 30% 5x7s. I also occasionally - like every two years - shoot a roll of color and let MPL process it.

6. Etc.: I love the Minox and carry it ALWAYS. I also shoot with a bunch of other mostly old cameras (a Pen half-frame, an OM SLR, my dad's old Nikon F2s and TLRs, my wife and kids' assorted p&s cameras), but I shoot the most with the Minox, averaging about 8 to 10 rolls a year. It's just the coolest!


-- Michael Goldfarb (mgoldfar@mobius-inc.com), February 28, 2000.

1. My first occasion to handle a Minox was back in 1973, when a friend came into possession of a III. Knowing absolutely nothing about how it worked, and knowing that I was fairly involved in photography, he asked me if I could explain to him how it operated. Having no prior experience with such a device, I pulled it open, pushed the shutter release, toyed with the controls a bit, and very shortly my ignorance in how to operate the camera caused the shutter to jam. At that point, we both concluded that these cameras were not well made and dismissed them as not really serious cameras. Twenty years later my curiousity was aroused again, but this time I did my homework and as a result have developed a fascination and respect for these fine instruments that continues to this day.

2. At this time, I have 4 cameras: III, B, and two C cameras with Complan lenses. Formerly, I have owned a BL and an LX. Why part with an LX? Frankly, I didn't like the control wheels. Wish that Minox would introduce a "retro" LX with the old style wheels. I also shoot with a Minox MDC 35 mm camera.

3. I use either of the C's as my choice most of the time. However, with more practice, I sense that the III will become the favorite, especially with more practice and confidence in estimating exposure.

4. Leisure trips and while traveling is where I use the Minox(es) mostly.

5. MPL, but have developing tank and an enlarger II which I plan to put into use for b&w sometime in 2000.

6. One of my favorite uses of the Minox is for macro work such as closeups of subjec

-- Daryl Jorud (djorud@prtel.com), February 29, 2000.

1. I've always known about Minoxes. My father bought two Riga Minoxes in Germany after the war and I remember being fascinated by their size as a small child. Unfortunately, my brother and I broke one as small children, leaving just the one. When I was about twelve my father taught me how to use his homemade slitter properly, hold the camera and how to develop and print the film. That was back in 1966 and I'm still using the same Minox. 2. I only have the one Riga Minox but I would like to acquire a Minox III. 3. The only Minox I've ever used is the Riga so right now that has to be my favorite. 4. I always carry the Minox on my belt to be ready for any picture opportunity plus it's fun to watch the expressions on people's faces when they see it. 5. I shoot black & white and develop and print at home.

-- Gunvids Jansons (gunvids@webtv.net), March 01, 2000.

1. I have admired the Minox since I was a child - I saw my first one (an A of some type) in about 1967. I have a passion for small gadgets.

2. Only one to date - I just found a clean IIIs and meter in a secondhand store for under $100US. Truly a lucky find. I suspect they're like potato chips, though - it's hard to stop at just one! I think I'd like to try a B, too.

3. I have always been most impressed with the IIIs because of the small size and that it is totally mechanical. I'm a person that runs plain prisms on my Nikon F2s, has never put any of my F3s in automatic, and carries a Retina 1a daily - I'm a real dinosour!

4. Too soon to tell, although I'm already looking at knife sheaths for everyday carry - suggestions, anyone? I want to leave my leather cases at home to preserve their condition.

5. I have not sent my first roll off to the processor yet (I just got the camera two days ago).

6. Are there any other Minox users in the Chicago area reading this? I'm trying to find local stores that stock Minox film and accessories - I've already seen what Central Camera has.

-- Ken Ford (kford@Ameritech.net), March 03, 2000.

1.- I discover the Minox 35 in the photography magazines, but I didn't knew anybody who use one, many years after use my slr and all the things that I usually carry with it, I begin to look for a small compact camera with good resolution. I was in doubt between the Leica minilux, the Contax T, some APS and the Minox 35, after reading the messages in this forum and asking some question I finally decide to buy the Minox 35 GT-E. I am very happy with this camera. 2.- After use the GTE and reading here about the 8x11 Minox, I bought one B in ebay and repaired it, but I have shoot only one film, because in Madrid Spain is too expensive to make copies, to develop the film cost about $3,45 , and the copies cost about $1,75 per picture in a typical size. The camera is wonderfull and I love it, but I have ordered 3 rolls of film to a local shop, fourth mounts ago and I'm still waiting. I have been speaking with the Minox distributor here in Spain about the sites to develop and the prices, but they tell me that for people who use this camera it isn't a problem the money. I'm sure that if they would ofer a good price to develope and after this a good promotion of the camera they will sell many many Minox. 3.-By the moment the 35 GTE because is the camera that I can use every day. I prefer the B for the size and the reaction of the people. 4.- I use every day my camera it came with me in a belt case. Sometimes I take picture to my work other times in my work, because I was traveling by Spain every month. When I'm going to my holidays I take my slr kit and of course my 35 GTE. 5.- I haven't a dark room and I send the film to a local dealer.

I connect every day to look if there is any new message in this forum, I will try to collaborate more but it's hard to me write in english so please write your experiencies.

I'm doing a web page dedicated to Minox, when I finish it I will tell you the address.

-- Roberto Garcia (rchin@retemail.es), April 02, 2000.

I started photography as a hobby a few years ago,mainly SLR's.A few months ago I was on the Internet and accidentally I opened the SubClub.Com,and I was captivated by the passion some folks took about a Minox-something!At first I was curious to see what that "MINOX"thingy was;after a week,I entered the Ebay.co.uk and bought my first one.My thrill went to such extents,that I even have now a website for my Minox hobby. 2.I have a Minox B,a Minox EC, and a C black one.However,I acquired recently a Yashica Atoron Electro,using 9.2 mm film,but I suspect you cannot count this one as a Minox genuine camera. 3.It may seem strange,but I do not a "favourite"!It is all about what mood I am in,where do I go,stuff like that.However,I tend to keep most of the time the Minox EC in my pocket. 4.As I pass thru 15 to 20 rolls a month,I can hardly say that I use Minox for a certain activity.I slit my own films,i develop them,I scan them on CD's or print them,so for me is a everyday activity.I do feel quite unaccomplished if I didn't shoot at least 5 frames a day:-) 5.I do everything myself:slitting,developing,scanning,printing.I do make mistakes sometimes,I lose a negative every now and then,but hey! where's the fun if you don't do mistakes,isn't it? 6.If you'd like to have a look on my amateur website,here it is: www.minox.freeservers.com Best regards and happy Minoxing out there!

-- Julian Tanase (tanase2@aol.com), February 12, 2002.

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