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So I'm wondering if perhaps there might be a murder trial. I mean, I know Paul seemed to be a complete nutball, but have any of you seen "Primal Fear" with Edward Norton?? (If you have, I think ya know where I'm going with this...) The guy was "supposedly diagnosed as being schizophrenic, turned out after the trial that he was just a cold blooded killer...fooled them all! Anyways, sorry for all of you that haven't seen that movie...just spoiled it for ya :( Anyways, I wouldn't put it past "the powers that be" to throw that in for a little more drama! I think a trial would let Carter face his fear and his attacker and find some closure in all of this. What do ya guys think???

-- J.N. (, February 25, 2000


I suspect we won't see anymore of Paul. He was taken up to Psych, where he will probably quietly disappear into the netherworld of "by reason of insanity." I think the writers won't want to be bogged down in a murder trial or anything else that would drag the story back to the past and focus on a character who is no longer there. I think we'll see lots of growth and introspection in the characters in the coming weeks as they adjust to Lucy's murder, especially in Carter, but I don't expect Lucy to figure prominently in the story lines.

-- Chessie King (, February 25, 2000.

we will probably discover what happens to him (Paul) at some point - Carter and Remano etc will want to know - but we will probably never * see* what happens. It'll be mentioned in passing, is my guess.

-- Shauna (, February 25, 2000.

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