Did anyone else think they saw the bloody footprint?

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Maybe I am hallucinating, but I could swear I saw the bloody footprint from last week's show still on the floor outside of curtain 3. I think it was the scene right before Dr. Kovac saw the hit and run driver. They showed a long shot of the hallway, and it looked like the footprint was still across the threshold of the door. Did anyone else see this? If so, whoops.

-- (angellmm@earthlink.net), February 25, 2000


There is definitely something on the floor...I can't tell if it is the footprint though. This leads me to wonder...how and when do they film the episodes?

-- Liz (cj787@freenet.buffalo.edu), February 25, 2000.

i never saw the foot print but how did it get there? paul never went by carter and lucy. he rushed out! so how did it get there?

-- rachel (thehilfigergirl@aol.com), February 25, 2000.

I was wondering the same thing. After Paul stabbed Carter it looked like he moved in the direction of where Lucy's body was lying, not out the door he was behind before he stabbed Carter and where Carrie saw the bloody foot print

-- Candy (pletzerc@hotmail.com), February 26, 2000.

well, he would have to get out of the room eventually, somehow!!

-- Alexis (lexicat1@webtv.net), February 26, 2000.

The footprint got there beacuse the prop guy put it there for Kerry to look at. The prop guy put it there because it made for a dramatic scene.

This is going to come as a shock to some of you, but there never was a Paul, or a Lucy, or a Carter. It was all MAKE BELIEVE.

-- Nobody (nobody@nowhere.com), February 26, 2000.

When I looked really closly Idefinatly saw somthing that looked like a footprint. Maybe what ever they used in the first place wouldn't come off, or mahbe it'll come into play on Carter's first day back in the ER. Maybe he'll notce it then go into curtain area 3 and remember the events of the night he was stabbed and then break downand cry. Maybe then either Kerry, Peter or Deb will come in and comfort him, tell him it's okay and maybe he'll realize what really had happened and maybe we'll see some of that anxiosly awaited for emotion etc. Sorry got a little off track there. Oh well.


-- Amy (areinders@hotmail.com), February 26, 2000.

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