22 minutes into the show before Carter is shown?

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I have to say how dissappointed I am in tonight's show. The show was under way for 22 minutes before Carter is even shown, very little mention about Lucy, no funeral scene at all!

I don't get it. Do the producers really think we will forget about Lucy that quickly?

Although I am VERY impressed with Carter, the way he tried to shield Lucy's mom from the pain that her daughter had been in.

-- Jessie (haynes94@earthlink.net), February 24, 2000


I agree. I wish they had shown more of Carter's reaction and the way everyone dealt with Lucy's loss shortly after, instead of after the memorial service supposedly was over. I think her character deserved more mention. after all, we get so attached to them, they can't just brush her death under the rug after it was so dramatic.

-- Becky (Bama-Lou@webtv.net), February 25, 2000.

There has been alot on this board about a memorial service/funeral for Lucy. I think it was more poignant that they did not show the memorial service. Lucy's Mom talking to Carter had more emotional than any eulogy. Carter was torn between protecting Lucy's mother about the pain she suffered and lying to her.

After 2 weeks of intense drama, I thought it was appropriate to end the show with a smile. I laughed when Benton told Cleo that they were going to disappoint Carter.

-- judie (jasbel95@aol.com), February 25, 2000.

At first I thought Carter wasn't even going to be ON tonight's episode....thank god he was though. It Carter wasn't on and there was no....nothing about Lucy, well then That would have been bad. I feel so bad for Carter...he'll get through it though...he's always been one to show his emotions well, and not hide them.

-- Kimmy (kimmyme@hotmail.com), February 25, 2000.

I think it would have been more effective to start the show with some members of the staff arriving at the hospital from the memorial service to begin their shifts.

This would have brought more of a sense of continuity, but also emphasized the fact that life does go on.

I really did like Carter's response to Lucy's mother, trying to protect her from any additional pain.

-- Sally (cubisa@mail.snc.edu), February 25, 2000.

Sally, I totally agree- it would have been a much better show if they had all atleast been walking out of the memorial service and then returning to work. It would have put closure on it while at the same time going with the "life goes on" theme. The store line with Luka was totally uninteresting, and i don't know, it seems like Dr. Corday and Dr. Greene sure bounce back quick. Frankly I'm a bit bored with Elizabeth and her mother bickering too!

-- Danette (bjpind@televar.com), February 25, 2000.

I agree I think they should of shown more about Lucy after her death like her Funeral instead of showing things afterwards. But I am glade that they had Lucy's mom on the show but they could of shown more of everyone after she died and how they reacted.

-- Jamie (Jamie7808@Juno.com), February 19, 2001.

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