"Be Patient" A very dissapointing episode (spoiler)

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*Warning* - the fallowing contains Spoilers!

I found "Be patient" to be a *very* dissapointing episode. As I feared Lucy was almost completely forgotten - execept for too few scenes with Carter (and too broken up). And it was hard to tell if Carter was feeling only physical pain, or if he felt anything at all for Lucy. I am hoping that they expand on this at least *a little* more. I hate it when a character just fades - especially one I liked.

-- Shauna (shauna_h16@yahoo.com), February 24, 2000


Ahhh...well, I'd rather know now, than be dissapointed after the show. Oh well, ER has often been notorious in the past for for jumping right into a complete new set of scenarios.

-- Bill (mitmail@home.com), February 24, 2000.

I just finished watching it, and I actually wasn't disappointed, mainly because of Lucy's mother. When she opened Lucy's locker and saw the stack of cd's and her keys, I almost cried myself.

I do believe that Carter is feeling something concerning Lucy; I just don't know what. Remorse? Guilt? Simply misses her? As for everyone else, it is important to remember that life goes on. I'm sure they all had fleeting thoughts of her, but since the memorial service has already come and gone, it has been at least a few days. You cannot let mourning stop your life.

Part of the reason that we all like this show is that it at least gives the appearance of being realistic. I believe this episode was an accurate portrayal of the emotions following Lucy's murder.

-- Elisabeth (eac8423@garnet.acns.fsu.edu), February 24, 2000.

I know that life goes on. I don't know - it's just that I am a very emotional person (though I try not to be), and I did cry - and at the first sight of Lucy's mother. And when she opened the locker, and everytime I saw Carter - especially when he lied, and told Benton that he lied. But I am glad that Lucy's mother was kind, and not angry with Carter. And know that Lucy did admire Carter....

-- Shauna (shauna_h16@yahoo.com), February 24, 2000.

Speaking of Peter. that was my favorite scene in this epi. The exchange between Carter and Peter was great. It cool to see the relationship between the two grow. I LOVED when Carter said "You know what happens after the Jazz Club?" Peter's expression was priceless.

-- Sabine (craftysabine@yahoo.com), February 25, 2000.

I really enjoyed this episode! There was so much to it, it will take a while to "digest." I especially liked the scenes with the Greenes and Cordays. I don't know if the two weeks Isabelle still has in the country will be enough time for her and Eliz. to repair their relationship, but it looks like they're off to a good start. Noah Wyle was really excellent in all of his scenes, and I like the way Deb's character is coming along. Dave is still inept at dealing with other people; poor Barbara Knight, he was about the worst person for her to have to deal with.

-- Felicity (felicity08@juno.com), February 25, 2000.

Yes life does go on, but we still need closure. I was very confused about Carter. Was he in physical pain, or was it emotional pain? I hope we get to see more, just to close the history of the two of them. I too almost cried when Lucys mother cleaned out the locker. I was very upset about most of the doctors not showing any emotions to what had happend the last two weeks. I guess for them life goes on. but still, man!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet in the next new episodes we won't hear of Lucy anymore. Too bad....I'll never forget her, and the "The Storm" episode. I love it...

-- Ina (ifelsch@mail.com), February 25, 2000.

ah, you not alone . i didnt care for this episode. too many storylines. in the er promos they said it was going to be about that hit and run.. but it really wasnt. more of a mark , elizebeth, their parents episode

-- rachel (thehilfigergirl@aol.com), February 25, 2000.

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