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I'm going to be gone for the weekend. I'd like to hear stories from you so I can have something to read when I get back. Tell me a story, any kind of story. Let your imagination go wild ;)

-- suzen (, February 24, 2000


Once upon a time there was a girl named Amber and she had red hair. She dyed it black one day and realized that people didn't think that she was Amber anymore but a clone named Clamber.

So she cried and decided to flee to her computer, where no one cared what her hair colour was and she could write lame stories to Suzen and prove once and for all that she had no imagination. :)

the end.

-- Amber (, February 25, 2000.

There was once a girl with really cute hair who drove past her crush's house in a car with seven people smashed into it. Figuring he wasn't home, she repeatedly beeped the horn as loud as she could. She then saw that his van was sitting in his driveway and she realized he was home on a Friday night with nothing to do. And it was all because of her...

...although she was sitting between two close female friends with four guys in the back, she knew *he* was all alone. And she had never felt so lonely in her life.

-- Tiffany (, February 25, 2000.

Ok, dig this. Lately, the Rad Mobile has been acting up. Like, I'll have it in park and the tachometer will shoot up and back down and it idles heavy and just recently, it's been kind of lurching back and forth and running pretty hot. So, anyway, I bring it up with my dad and he's sure it's the thermostat, which is this little spring like contraption. He says I'll have to take it into a shop, because if we spill anti-freeze on the garage floor and the pets eat it, there deader than dead. But, I mean, hi, I've got a job and class and everything and a dentist's appointment. There's no way I can swing being a bike punk for the next X amount of days, plus those bastards will rape you as far as labor. I should know, that's part of *my* job. Anyway, so I'm driving to Murray's Auto Parts, wearing a sweatshirt, because, I mean, it's warmed up here, but not a whole lot. I look at my temperature gauge and I'm about to overheat, so I put my heater on full blast which was the worst even with the windows down. I arrive at Murray's and I get out of the car and I'm sweating and I walk in and I get helped by a man in his early 40s who's nametag proudly states Dave in all upper case. "Hi, I need a, uh, thermostat for a 92 Ford Probe." And then he asks me something about the engine and I kind of squint and tell him that I'm not even sure. So Dave, being the sweetheart that he is, says, "Well, let's go look." We go out to the parking lot and on our way out to the car I ask how much it's going to set me back. He tells me that he usually doesn't see them break 13 bucks. I unlock the car, open the door and pop open the hood and he finds out whatever it was that he needed to find out. So, I close my door and start walking into the store. Then Dave says, "You might want to lock your door with all the black people around here." Dude, I swear to christ, that caught me so off guard, I just stopped walking. And I turn around and look at him and it's like dead silent for like 5 seconds. "Dude, I just want a part for my car so it doesn't act like a piece of shit, I don't need a lesson in bigotry." Dave shrugs and starts to walk back across the parking lot. We enter the store and to further exhibit my anger in Dave, the KKK member's ignorance, I mutter, "Jesus Christ....." under my breath. We go back to the parts desk and pulls a box from the scores of shelves in the parts dungeon. He opens it up and shows it to me and then I lost interest in telling the story because there's really no ending.

But that Dave, he's a motherfucker.

-- ty (, February 25, 2000.

Okay this is really lame. I think it's amusing. I was dying one of my favorite shirts today cuz it got something on it and was white. So I decided to die it purple. I went to the store to get a sucker. When I got back my brothers dog had pulled it out of the tub and onto the floor.....then drug it aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll over the house. So we are streaked purple. hahaha. Not funny. but hey. At least it didn't happen to you. Sometimes I wish that my life was simple and boring like everyone elses. We have so much going on. I can understand how you can adore Austin so much. I really like this one guy. He's really sweet and likes me too but we can't be together. Which is sad. I'm so very happy that you and Austin will be together one day! CONGRATS!

-- BriAnna (, February 26, 2000.

As I sat on the apartment building stoop, huddled with my knees pulled up against my chest, I fiddled with the styra-foam cup in my hands which held what was left of the 16 ounces of steaming hot coffee I hadn't drank yet. I kept wanting to stand up, go into the building, let myself into my fifth floor apartment, & proceed to curl up on the couch... but I couldn't bring myself to move just yet. It was almost like my legs were locked into position & some part of my brain was telling them not to move. I didn't have the energy to try and fight it, so I sat there shivering in the cold with my Starbuck's coffee in hand. I began to observe the hundreds of people who seemed to flow in an endless line up and down the streets & listen to the sound of the dull hum of people's voices mingling together mixed with car horns, police sirens, & other various unidentifiable sounds. I don't know how long I sat there, just staring at the people going about their daily activities & lives. It was almost like I'd gone into a trance. They were a good 40 yards away when I spotted them in the sea of people. Something about them stood out so strongly that everything but them went black and white in my vision. I couldn't take my eyes off of the four people I was so enthralled by watching them.

There were two girls, a long haired blonde and a curly red head. They were accompanied by two guys who both had short messy hair that most girls always want to run their hands through and mess up more. It seemed that the guys were the girl's boyfriends & when they came close enough for me to see that their hands were entwined, it confirmed my suspicions. Hapiness seemed to radiate about them like an aura as they laughed and giggled together.

As the group aproached the stoop where I was sitting, things began to move in slow motion. When they were directly in front of me, the blonde turned and made direct eye contact with me. Her blue eyes burned deep into mine & time seemed to stop around us.

It was then that I realized I was looking at the dream of my life and what I wanted it to be. Happily engaged to a wonderful guy who wasn't afraid to hold my hand in public, swept up in romance & radiating the hapiness that had escaped me for years. Walking down the street with my best friend and her fiance, all together in our own little world. Living life to the fullest & not letting anything bring me down.

I closed my eyes and opened them again. People were once again moving down the streets in colour. I searched through the crowd for the blonde & the other three with her, but I couldn't find any sign of them. They'd disappeared.

-- Mrs. Matthew Green (I know su, I know.) (, February 27, 2000.

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